Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fish and Chips

I missed eating fried foods. Today for dinner I have made up my mind to have fish and chips. Before going to get some groceries I thawed the tilapia fillet. The fillets were already thawed when we came back. The beer batter dip added flavor to the tilapia fillet, I coated them before loading to the deep fryer. It came out yummy and crunchy but some of it stick to the basket of the fryer, I don’t know why.

The second round for frying was the fries. It didn’t take so long only about three minutes and dinner was ready to be served. For dessert I bake bread crumbs with honey and butter; and top it with fruit cocktail with cream and chill.

Though fried foods is not good for the health but once in a while is OK. I miss eating the fresh fish from the ocean. Back home I don’t eat tilapia it’s only when I arrived here in Canada that I have tried it.

We had a yummy dinner and now its time to clean up the kitchen.

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