Saturday, May 24, 2008

Joy Ride

The weather is gorgeous today sunny and cool. This morning Todd and I with our dogs went for a car ride to get some mulch for our garden. We dropped off to my brother-in- law’s house to change the tire of the utility trailer. Misty and Joel were very excited and happy as we arrived to JP’s house. They were just in the car waiting till the tire was installed for JP sprayed his lawn with chemicals to kill the weeds. We didn’t go to the mulch place for JP had an extra of two bags of mulch we just bought it from him. We went home and put the red mulch on our garden it turned out beautiful but the two bags were not enough to cover the whole garden. We will get another two bags later tonight.

At noon our friends show up in the house in their motorcycle. We went for a ride with them to Dunnville, Ontario about an hour drive from our place. It was a nice ride on the bike the air was very fresh and on the way you can see beautiful sceneries. Though it was sunny but the air is cold, I have to put my hands on the pocket of my jacket for I didn’t wear my gloves. . As we passed by the bridge there were lots of people on their boat going on fishing. We stopped by at Grand Island BBQ Burgers, to have some chow. They have good food we had some banquet burger (cheeseburger w/ pea meal bacon), poutine and vanilla milk shakes. They food were yummy. Dunville is cold for it is close by the lake. After eating we were thinking of going to Bing Island it’s a camp ground about 10 minutes away but our friends wanted to head back home. Too bad i forget to bring my camera we could have took pictures by the lake.

We met a lot of bikers on our way there and back too. It was fun though but my neck hurts from my helmet it’s heavy and my back too for the bike has no back rest.

It will be more enjoyable come summer time when weather will be sunny and the air won’t be cold.

Have a nice Saturday everyone!

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