Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring Garden Clean Up and Fixing

Since the garden lights were already installed last weekend, during the week it was already in the plan we will clean up the garden and put new mulch on top of it. It was raining this morning we decided to do it tomorrow. We have to get mulch and garden stones tomorrow hopefully weather will be sunny. I have to put fertilizer to my flowers to be ready for the blooming season.

I have different colors of mums in my garden and they are annual flowers. Mums are great they sparkle with brilliance during the fall season while other flowers are fading. They love the sun. I have dark orange, yellow, maroon and purple in the front. Aside from mums I have red and pink roses as well. The good thing for mums when they bloom the flowers last a long time before they wither. I will be posting some pictures when they start to bloom just couldn’t finds last year’s pictures.

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