Sunday, May 11, 2008

Busy as a Bee on a Saturday

It was still Friday morning and Todd was already preparing his stuff to bring over to the border for Saturday. He needed to have his motorcycle serviced at Harley Davidson shop in Buffalo, New York. He had to hook on the motorcycle trailer to his truck getting ready to load the motorcycle in the morning. Saturday came we woke up early to avoid and the traffic at the bridge and to be there before the shop opens. At first I was thinking of not going with him for he was advised it will take the rest of the day for them to do the job. The last minute I change my mind. I helped him load his motorcycle that was my first time to push a vehicle up on the ramp, omg, it was heavy.

We left the house at 7:30 am and lucky to crossed at the Peace Bridge for there was no delay at all. We arrived at the shop at 8:45 am which perfect timing. I’m glad I change my mind for he needed help to unload his motorcycle. At 9:00 am they opened which was our appointment also but they had finished some work that they did the previous day.

While waiting for the work to be done we just went for breakfast to the Family Tree Restaurant, which was walking distance from the shop. They served very yummy breakfast we both had ham and cheese omelet with toast and potato on the side. After breakfast we wanted to go to the Walden Galleria Mall which is also close but were worried of leaving the motorcycle trailer unattended we just decided to stay and wait in the truck.

Good thing that they finished the work around 1:00 pm and had to do test drive which it turned out good. We load it back again to the trailer and head home straight for our two doggies were left more than 5 hours already. We arrived home at around 2:30 pm and had to unload it again.

At the end of the day we both got tired and had a nap. At least it was all was done, we couldn’t get it done here at home for the shop is fully booked.

The motorcycle is ready for a ride this summer and will have an enjoyable trip with it.

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