Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Little Girl is now a Lady

June 1, 1998, Shemar was born, a very healthy, chubby beautiful baby. She is the 3rd kid of my sister Ethel and bro Arwin. I have known her for the past 18 years and I was there while she was growing up. I used to baby sit her while she was a kid. She is loved by every one in the family. She is talented, she can dance gracefully and has a passion for arts.

I can't imagine how time flies so fast for my little girl is now a lady. Today is her 18th birthday; it’s her debut. I wish I am there to be a part of the celebration. Shem, though I am miles away from you but you are think about on your birthday and everyday.

Have a happy birthday to my beautiful niece Shemar. I wish you good health, more blessings and more birthdays to come. Don't rush on things prioritize your studies for that is the only possession that can't be taken away from you; and finishing your studies is the best gift you can give to your parents.

Once again Happy, happy birthday to you! God Bless YOU always.

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