Wednesday, April 30, 2008


After graduation in October 1996 that was the last time I met my college friends. We all went on separate ways everyone of us has been busy applying for jobs. Shiela, Yvonne and Honey went to work in the same company a shipping industry in Balamban. I was separated from them I was working a shipping industry in a different company. Felaine went to work in a financial industry.

I had off and on communication with them. Thanks to friendster that were able to reconnect again. Last year I went home back to the Philippines and finally we had our reunion after 11 years. The four of us are married and Honey is the only one left single but dating. I was happy to see them again a lot has change in my friends especially on their physical appearance but attitude wise they are still the same. They all have kids except for me. We met in Ayala Center Cebu had drinks at Starbucks and we for lunch in Gussippie an Italian Restaurant (courtesy of Shiela's fiance). After lunch went back to the mall to have our studio shot taken. We ate again at Red Ribbon for I really miss their pancit palabok. It was nice to reminisce the times that we were together. We were all working students of the university so its like study by day and work at night or vice versa. We had to maintain grades in order to keep our scholarship.

Thanks for the time you spent with me my precious friends even if it was short but I had a great time.

Till we meet again and looking forward for more years of friendship to come.

Stomach Flu

This morning I had some chocolate milk with bread for brunch before going to work. While I was ready to leave the house to go to work today suddenly I had some stomach pains. I put some Buckley’s on my stomach to relieve the pain but it did not help. I felt like I wanted to throw up, quickly I ran to the wash room, I tried to control it but I couldn't help it. I did throw up the chocolate milk and I can smell the acid in it. I took some antacid to help relieve the acid. I thought I would be OK to go to work so I head out the door when I had this terrible stomach cramps and I did throw up again. I just went back inside the house and decided to stay for the day at home and get some rest. I phoned work to advise them I am not able to come to work. Sad to say I won’t be paid for the day but my health is more important.

Todd already left for work I phoned him and told him that I won’t be able to make it to work today. I called my sissy and said to take some rest and drink hot water with sugar. I will try to avoid eating oily food for the day and have some easy to digest. I felt a little better now but my stomach still feels weird.

I suspect it was the chocolate milk I wasn’t able to tolerate the lactose. Hope this will be gone by tomorrow for I need to get back to work.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bored At Work

These past few days I don’t feel like working probably because I’m not happy with the job I do. The moment I step inside the building I felt like going back home or sometimes I even stay in my car and wait for the last ten minutes before I go in. I think I need a break probably a vacation to unwind and relax. I’m just tried of listening to people’s financial situation or alibis in life. It is boring all day you have to trace debtors and have to say same thing over and over again asking people to pay their debt. I still consider myself lucky I have the job and I don’t have the problems my clients have. I’m not giving up I’m still looking for new opportunities along the way.

Monday, April 28, 2008

As We Say Goodbye to our 25 Ft Fifth Wheel Trailer

Three years ago we bought a 25 ft fifth wheel trailer for us to use when we go camping on summer time and to go on trips. Though the trailer is 20 years old model but nothing is wrong with it. It has a new fridge and new hot water tank and the interior is clean. We are so lucky when we bought it for it was well taken care by the previous owners. Since we have it we might have used it probably less than ten times.

Our first trip with the trailer we went up north in Madoc, 4 hours drive from our house. We stayed there for couple of days the trailer made our stay very comfortable and enjoyable. Its like a little house as well everything is there.

The last time we used was on July 2007, we had a week off from work we went to Four Mile Creek with our two doggies. The fifth wheel made our stay very comfortable all through the week. It was easy and safe to leave the dogs inside every time we go to town to buy something.

We bought the unit thinking we can tow it to Tennessee or to South Carolina every time we visit my sisters. We wanted to try to use it for our trips but the truck we got has a small engine that it might take us forever to get to our destination. Just lately, with the price of gas going up so high that with a truck towing a fifth wheel it would cost us a fortune, we have decided to scale back. Scaling back for the future for as projected gas will go up to $1.40 a liter on the summer. The truck and fifth wheel have been listed on paper for sale.

Last weekend we had to empty our stuff from the trailer, sad to say the buyer wanted the trailer to be delivered on 1st of May. Todd and I are still having the second thoughts of either keeping or selling it for nothing is wrong with the unit but, we have to take precautions before the price of gas gets to the roof. If that time comes then we will be stuck with it.

I hope we made the right decision. We can still go on camping using inexpensive gadgets but with less comfort than what we have. Once the trailer will be gone all is left for us are memories that we can reminisce.

To the new owner happy camping!

Freezing Monday on a Spring Season

Spring season has long begun it started on the 21st of March. I am glad for spring has arrived after so many months of winter season. Last week our weather was gorgeous, sunny with a high of 23 degrees Celsius and it wasn’t cold neither warm. Todd and I even went for a motorcycle ride to enjoy the warm weather. Last weekend I have decided to pack all my winter clothes and replaced my closet with my spring and summer clothes thinking the weather will stay the same.

This morning when I woke up it was raining and freezing cold on a spring season. Glad that I work afternoon shift with weather like this I still have the time to sleep in. I didn’t feel like going to work especially on a Monday, I tend to have this Monday sickness especially with the weather being cold. I have no choice but to be there at work for especially they called me to come in early to do some overtime. When I was getting ready for work I had to dig my long sleeves and my winter dress coat to keep warm.

On my way out to the parking lot after work my car had some frost on the windshield.

Weather is very hard to predict only God knows. I am still thankful winter is over; the coldness right now is bearable.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Papa's Fifth Death Anniversary (28th April '08)

There are no good-byes, where ever you are, you'll always be in our hearts.

It was Monday, April 28, 2003 at 9:30 p.m. when our Papa was called by the Almighty Father to join with him in his paradise. It was difficult for us, his kids, to see him go forever but seeing him suffer so much is very hard to bear. It has been five years that I haven't seen him but the memories that he has left is still fresh in my mind. I know Papa is now in a happy place where there is no more pain.

Papa is now our angel, he maybe far from us but I know he is always watching over us. He would have been very happy and proud seeing how his kids and grand kids have gone so far.

Papa Romy, we MISS and LOVE YOU so much. Till we meet again.

Thank YOU Friend

"Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life."
I would like to thank Belle, my classmate and my friend for encouraging and teaching me do this blogging thing. Thank you for sparing your time with me on the phone, I know how busy you are but your help was greatly appreciated. Thank you for the words of encouragement you lifted up my spirit. I thought I won't be able to make some composition but your words moved me to do it.
I am happy for you, hope everything goes well with your family. God is good all the time, he never closed his doors for those who seek help in HIM. God Bless YOU and your family, my FRIEND.
Till next time....take care!

The Guy I Love

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many ties, always with the same person."

Todd and I have been married for four solid and loving years. We had a whirlwind romance before we got married. It may sound weird to you guys but we met each other online. I thought online relationships doesn't work but here we are on our four years of being together. He had never change since the first time i knew and met him in person. There maybe some misunderstandings along the way but that is part of a married life. He is a very loving, thoughtful, understanding, kind hearted man and a good provider to the family.

I believe respect and love for each other are the key to a lasting relationship. I love you babe, looking forward for more wonderful years of being together.

A Trip to Canada

Come June 17, 2008 both my Lany and Grace with their family will be coming over to my place for a visit. I am looking forward to see them and the kids. It will take them about 15 hours to get here for they live down south in the US. It will be over a year since the last time I saw them, that was when we all went home to the Philippines last year.
I'm sure we will have fun together, my hubby is already thinking of bringing them to the Canada's Wonderland, Niagara Falls, Morning Star Mill. Lany is excited to see the Niagara Falls. Grace has been here already 2 years ago for a visit. She and Raffy had so much fun that they even extended their stay. We took them to the Niagara Falls, had dinner at the Niagara Casino. They made a perfect timing of their visit for they were able to see the Festival of Lights.
It would be nice if all of us live closer to each other then we can easily spend the afternoon in the backyard having some barbecue :).
To my sisters see you soon!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Nephews and Nieces

I have three nephews and three nieces and one grand daughter. Nino, Em em, Shemar, Krismar are the kids of my sister Ethel from Davao City. Keishi is her grand daughter; niƱo’s daughter. Kyle and Kurt are the kiddos of my sister Lany in TN. I have baby sit all of them while they were still babies. Time flies so fast that they have grown and mature already, no longer babies. The picture onset was taken last year when I went back home.

Nino is the first grandson of my parents. He is so closed to my mom. He was cute, chinky eyed and chubby while he was still a baby up to now he is still handsome with two dimples. Champoy (tsamporado) is his favorite as a kid. He also likes chicken noodle with egg, marshmallow coated with chocolate. He had gained so much weight in his elementary years but was able to loose. Basketball is his sport and he is friendly also. He has grown up and has matured already especially he is now a dad to Keishi. He just finished his degree in nursing. Congrats dong! Good luck on your board exam.

Em em is the 2nd apo (grand daughter). She was small baby and had a thick black hair. She was sickly as a kid due to her asthma till now it didn’t go away. She was a shy type of person, just wanted to be in the corner but she has overcome it. It took quite a while before she can speak properly thought she won’t be able to learn fast but it turned out the other way. Em em has beauty and brains aside from that she is also tough and is never afraid to say what she feels. She is very thoughtful and appreciates even little things that you will give her. She is responsible and knows a lot of house work. She is almost done in her studies this will be her last year to finish her nursing degree.

Keep up all the good work and always aim for the best.

Shemar is the 3rd apo (grand daughter). Shemar was a big baby at 10 lbs, she has a pretty curly hair. I remember when she was a kid I used to brush her hair with the circular brush that I got tangled to her curly hair. It took me so long to untangle it that she fell asleep. She is very talented; she loves dancing, singing, and modeling. I remember she loves to wear my clothes, shoes and does her fashion show in the house. She likes to be become a news caster but took a different field. She will be turning 18 this 1st of June wish I’m there for her debut. She is smart, pretty and intelligent.

Good luck in your studies.

Krismar is the baby of the siblings. I didn’t spent so much time with her for she was born in Davao City. I only had the chance to be with her every time they come to Cebu for vacation either Christmas or summer. Though not a lot of time spent but it was still worth while. She was 11 lbs when she was born my sister had to undergo caesarian operation for her. She looks like one of the cherub angels and she has a very curly hair. She likes Ariel a lot from the little mermaid. I gave her a caricature of her face with the body of the mermaid.

Since her hair is curly she always wanted to have a long and straight hair. She loves to wrap her hair with a baby blanket and fantasize that her hair is long and straight. My sister bought a wig for her. She is an animal lover too; she has 2 poodle dogs and birds at home. She likes to become a veterinarian as a kid; I don’t know now it might have change. I remember there was a stray kitten roaming outside the house crying she named him “Robert”. The kitten gets used to her for she will give food to him. One day Robert didn’t come to the house that makes her so sad. She has a heart for animals too.

She has grown a lot now becoming taller and skinnier.

Kyle is the eldest son of my sister Lany. I had so much time spent with Kyle for I was living with them when he was born. He is such an adorable, cute, handsome baby, neighbors won’t even know that we have a newborn for seldom you can hear him cry at night. Kyle was very sickly as a kid he had asthma at a very young age. Kyle is very “buotan” a person with a heart or a sense of humanity. He is scared of dogs because he was bitten by one before. He is trying to overcome the fear. He is into Taekwondo, I think he has now a red black belt. He is also a very kind kid.
Kurt is Lany’s youngest. Kurt was only 11 months old when my sister left to the states to work. She left her two kids with me for about six months to take care; it was a big responsibility for me. Kurt as a baby cries a lot; a very young age he loves to listen to music. The Celine Dion cd or the bee gees is always played every time its time for him to go to bed. He can even sing songs of the bee gees. Now he is already five years old, his favorite toys are his dragons. He knows all of their names. Every time you give him something he is very appreciative and thoughtful. He also likes the cartoon character sponge bob. He has grown now and will be ready for school this coming August.

Keishi is the baby of them all. She is cute, adorable and can easily learn on things. The last time I talked to her on the phone,omg, she has a loud voice doesn't sound like a baby anymore.

To all of you kiddos good luck in your studies and be good all the time.

Auntie Mommy loves and misses you a lot. Hope to see all of you again.

Isn't She Adorable?

Isn't she adorable? Her name is Keishi. She is the daughter of my nephew and my grand daughter, omg this shows I'm not getting any younger. She was going 2 years old when I first met her in May 2007. When i saw her at the airport when they pick me up i can really picture my nephew in her. I told my sister she is the female version of her dad. She was very quiet and observant and was looking confused when she saw me, probably for she doesn't know me. I was happy to see her, she is an angel. That was her reaction at the airport shown on the picture on the left with my cousins.

While we were at home she started to show her abilities. She can dance to "Wowowee's Adododo, Adahdah" she is really cute. In the picture that is her "Korean" smile. I remember she always ask for "nanah" for her it means food. She drinks a lot of milk too. Everybody loves her so much especially that she is the only baby in the family. She has grown a lot already, the last time i talk with her on phone, omg, she sounded like an adult. I was really laughing talking to her.

I miss you baby Keishi. Be a good girl always. Hope to see you again.