Saturday, May 3, 2008

No Show Buyer

This post is in connection with my post entitled "As we say goodbye to our fifth wheel trailer" What kind of a buyer we have met? This guy is not even honest to himself. He said he will be bringing his bank draft on the Thursday, May 1 for he wanted it to be delivered on his site on that day but he we didn't see a shadow of him at all. The night before i told Todd i have a feeling the guy won't come tomorrow. I think I was right with my doubts. We waited the rest of the day but he never showed. We don't know what was his reasons for he didnt phone us back too. We caught the guy so many lies in our conversation with him during the negotiation. I said to my husband we are still lucky the deal wasn't closed for we might be in trouble.
Well we still have it and we might be using it this coming Victoria Day the long weekend. We might go to Four Mile to camp.

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