Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Signed Up For PPP

Before I have created my blogg, I have been blogg hoping already reading some bloggs of my friends. I didn’t know that you can even make money from blogging. While I was reading the blogg of my friend about her entry on “I signed up for PPP, Pay per Post, I was wondering what it’s all about. I click on their website and it is a site for blog ads. I read on their F&A and find it interesting so I decided to open an account with them. It took awhile before they approved my application, yesterday when I check it I was surprise that my application for Pay per Post was approved. It was from my friend that I have learned about blog ads and how reliable their site and aside from that it’s another way of earning at your own pace.

Right now as I am making this entry I am so happy that finally I am a part of
blog ads . I am very happy to sign up with blog ads for this is a perfect opportunity for me to have additional income after my regular work hours. I don't have to worry about doing overtime at work.

I will be saving my earnings for our coming trip to Tennessee in November 2008 to visit my sister. I am also planning to use my earnings to pay for some unexpected bills.

To all of you guys out there I am inviting you to sign up with
blog ads. This is a great opportunity for all guys who want to earn extra cash while surfing the net. It is fast and easy to sign up.

Proud member of blog ads!

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