Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Missed Blogging

It has been awhile since my last post. I had been busy for the past weeks. There were so much things on my plate that needed my attention from my mother being so sick, our dog being sick, death of my husband's aunt and my sisters visit to Canada. It was such a tough week for they happen at the same time. Another thing also when everything was settled our computer broke down, the mother board was fried due the storm. I am glad that everything work out fine.
I will be posting some new entries and pictures to my blog soon. It is better late than never guys. I'll see you around.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Morning Sun

Summer has come here in our place. Early this morning Todd and I sat outside the backyard with our two dogs Joel and Misty to feel the reflection of the sun. The weather outside is gorgeous with the sun so bright we just sit under the shade and feel the fresh air blowing on our face. We tried to do this to brighten Joel’s day our sick doggy.

It seems that the medicine is working but he is not back to his normal self. At one point he is ok and after a few hours he just sits on the corner. He has heart murmur and three slip disc, which is giving him so much pain. The slip discs are pushing it to his spine and every time he moves it gives pain.

We are trying our best to make him comfortable and give his medications. Surgery is one option but not 100% guarantee due to his heart murmur. It would cost us a lot also around $6K.

He may not be able to get better totally but we are buying time to extend his life; the medicine his taking right now will prolonge but is not the cure.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Tired Body and Exhausted Mind

Today was a rough day for us with our dog being sick. I hope he will feel better but it doesn't look like. My husband and I have been talking of all options. My brother-in-law said to put him down if he is really in pain. We don't want to put him down right away for he just had second dose of his pill (steroids). I wanted to give the pill a chance to work. It might help him. I don't understand why it’s so easy for them to say that put him down. It is sad to see him go for he has been our company for almost nine years now. I know others my think that we are weird for we gave so much importance to our pet. My husband is thinking of just spending the money for the surgery which is not a 100% guarantee of recovery.

I just don't know what to do. I have spent hours with him today trying to make him comfortable. We are hoping the pills will work and his slip disc will just settle back to its place when it is no longer inflamed.

I better relax my mind now and head to bed. Have a good night guys.
P.s. I took his picture early today. He just feel secured staying inside his bag.

My Sick Joel

This morning Todd brought Joel to see his vet for he can hardly walk. The receptionist said they are fully booked for today but will insert Joel in between appointments. She said to leave Joel for the whole day and pick him up before they close for the day. Todd just went home after dropping him off but not even an hour the vet phoned that he his condition is not good. They prioritize him took some x-rays on his back. The vet said he might have problems with his spine, hip or disc for he can't control his feet. Last January he was diagnosed to have heart murmur at level 3 and the vet said that it is at level 4 which is not good for it went so fast in 6 months. We were worried about his condition.

After the vet did the entire test phoned back that he can be pick-up. Joel was diagnosed of three slip discs which are rare. The vet said it didn't happen overnight, the two slip discs were already developed. The vet said he might have twitched it maybe from jumping on the couch. He is on prednisone right now, some heart medication pill and they took fluid in his lungs too.

Todd is sad about it especially that Joel is the dog of my late mother-in-law. I didn't go to work today just to take care of him. He is still in pain but at least he did eat today. I fed him by my hand, he needs care right now. I think he is feeling a little better now but the discomfort is still there. The vet said to let them know if he won't get better by Saturday for next step will be consider either putting him down. We don't want to put him down as much as possible if the pill will work.

I just hope he will fully recover for surgery is one of the option but it is very expensive will cost around $6,000.00 and with the condition of his heart it may bring some complications.

He has been a very jolly, loyal companion to us. Joel is part of our family. It hurts to see him

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Little Joel

My little Joel, my chihuahua is sick. Last night after coming home from work he was walking and acting weird. It seems like his left leg is sprained for when he walks he drags his left leg to the side. Todd and I is worried of his condition. My brother in law said he might have a stroke. He must be in pain for he didn't even eat his favorite treat the bacon stripes.

This morning it was getting worst he can hardly walk and when he stands his back will just fall. Todd gave him pain reliever see if it will work if not we have to bring him to his vet. Today after work when I open the door I didn't hear him barking, it's only misty's voice. Usually he gets so excited everytime I come home, he was at door wagging his tail but didn't hear his voice.

I check If he eats his dinner but his food was in the fridge untouch. I tried to feed him by my hand tonight, but he only ate very little. It is so sad to see him not feeling well. He feels so uncomfortable everytime he will try to sit on his butt.

Right now he is beside me trying to take a nap. I hope he will feel better soon. We will bring him to his vet tomorrow. Hope nothing is serious with him. Hope it is not a hip injury. Our dogs has been a good and loyal company to us.

I can feel that he is hurt for he used to be a jolly and playful doggy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Monday!

Finally, I have submitted my change of shift to my manager at work today. I hope I will get positive reply on my change of schedule. Another thing supposedly my vacation leave starts on June 17-20, 2008 but my sister said they will try to come early on June 16 for a visit. I book today June 16 as another vacation day in case they will show up early. I am lucky the day is not full yet so I got it; Thanks God. I am excited and can't wait for my vacation to start. I look forward to seeing my sisters and their family and also I am looking forward to be off from work for nine days.
It was just steady at work today not too busy and most of my customers are on their calmness mood, maybe its not full moon yet, lol.
It's time for me to snooze now guys it is getting late.........see you around.