Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seeing Cheap at Zenni Optical

Lately I my vision really brothers me and I had been getting terrible headache especially after work. I work with computers all day for 8 hours and the glare really affects my vision. I was alarmed about this problem and I want to an eye doctor for a consultation. I was already in doubt that I will have problems with my vision when I had the symptoms for I wear eyeglasses before back in the Philippines. I use it when I am doing my cross stitching. My eye doctor said that I am far sighted. I went and check on the pricing of their eyeglasses but it was beyond to my budget. Luckily I was able to read the article from Chicago tribune about Zenni Optical.

I can’t believe that their eyeglasses price starts at $8.00 which is very ideal for me especially I am on a budget. I chose single vision with glare protection. What I like most is that their prices are very affordable and a lot of designs to choose from. My husband needs a new pair also will inform him about Zenni Optical for sure he will get his eyeglasses from them. It is very nice of them to give cheaper prices to us who are trying to save right now especially with the economy.

Missing My Mama

It has been two months now that my beloved Mama has passed away. I was there at her wake and took some pictures I didn't even view them again for it just hurts me. Todd downloaded it for me after I arrived back to Canada. Yesterday I missed her so bad that the incident keeps on coming back to my mind why she has to leave. I started to open the pictures and seeing her lifeless body again just broke me into tears. I just miss her so much before while she was still alive it just easy to call her on the phone and I can hear her voice.
It is very important to value them while they are still alive. I will continue to cherise happy moments together with my Mama dear.
I love you Ma! I know Papa and yourself won't stop guiding us even though you are no longer physically present with us.

My.Suit Men’s Professional Fashion

Lawyers, financial consultants, instructors and other professionals that do white collar jobs that usually wear suit to work to look decent and respectable. I worked in a financial industry most of the men I work with wear suits. In buying a suit it is important to consider style, kind of fabric and how does it fit also. At my they provide Made to Measure suit that fits perfectly to your body structure and type. It is best to buy Made to Measure suits for up to 30 measurements can be taken compared to off the rack suit it is only limited to 3 measurements. Aside from that you can choose the style you wanted either jacket type and pant type suit. You may even personalize your selections with detail options and a consultant will guide you in combinations of style elements; comprising traditional and conventional suit styles. I would recommend the 2 button suit to my friend at work I am sure he will look good on this style. I will let him know today to book any appointment to have his measurement taken for his made to measure suit. It will be very convenient for him for he can just book it online at

They have been around for 40 years of manufacturing and in retail experience it is a place you can trust on the for your made to measure suits and the prices are affordable.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KO System

I was very exhausted yesterday at work for we just launched our new system. It was our first day yesterday to use the KO system in collections. It was totally different from the old system we used we had training for about 10 hours for the new system. It is hard to absorb things for a short period of time, the learning process starts on day 1 that we used the system. Oh my God, my updating yesterday was pretty in handling the calls for I get to familiarize myself with all the codes and commands to go to the different screen to find information. I am still thankfull I was able to finish my shift and my clients on the phone were very understanding also.
I was also happy for the head of our client came over to my desk and handed me a THANK YOU card and a $50 dollar gift card to the Pen Center for being one of the top collectors of my team. Iam proud and happy with what I achieve for the job I am doing right now is not my career I am into.
I hope I will get the hang of it with the new system.

Black FridayHoliday Shopping

There are 58 days before Christmas 2008. Time flies so fast when the month of September starts we feel that Christmas is just around the corner. By that time we have already made our Christmas shopping plan on what kind of gifts we give to our loved ones that will make them happy. We continue to look for deal especially that right now the economy is tough but that doesn’t stop us from giving gifts. By November 27 we celebrate our Thanksgiving and our Christmas list is already ready but we wait for 2008 thanksgiving specials that will definitely happen on Black Friday. Shoppers will be flocking to department stores with their list to be purchase on that day for they see huge savings. In fact you can even make your purchases on line and will save you from lining up on the day itself.

My husband wants an MP3 Player for Christmas and I found one at Best Buy Apple® - iPod® nano 8GB* MP3 Player for only $149.00. I can order it online also no problem in lining in the store.

I will also buy Worthington V Neck Sweaters at JC Penny for only $11.99 which I can use for winter and as a gift to my sisters. There are lots of items to choose from and I am sure I can save a lot of money for all the discounts they offer. I can’t hardly wait for Black Friday to come to spend my money wisely.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thank 3P's

Thank you to pay per post today. It was raining with opportunities before I left for work. I have only about 20 minutes left before I have to leave for work. I am so glad I was able to grab 2 opportunities for today. Though it was only for $5.00 each at least I got something for the day. I am lucky and thankful for the blessings I have received.
I am looking forward to grab more for the coming days. I have to go to work now guys. It will be challenging and exciting at work today expecially that our client have change the system we are using to do collections. I hope I can learn it fast.

Promise Treatment Center

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Watching Iisa Pa Lamang

Good Morning guys, Its Monday again time to go back to work. I work afternoon shift I still have time to watch my teleserye at a Pinoy Channel Tv. The story is getting nicer and very thrilling, watching Pinoy shows or news keeps me up to date of what is happening to my country. It helps not to be too homesick but it is still nice I am home with my family.

Have a nice Monday friends.

Drug Rehabilation at Promise Treatment Center

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Sunday Prayer

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Thank you Jesus for all the blessings, good health and the love you have showered to all the members of my family, to my relatives and friends. I am sorry for all my shortcomings Jesus. May you continue to guide us in every path and decision we take in life. You are my saviour and I praise you for Jesus for everything. Allelulia Almighty!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Snooze off for Bed

I had a busy Saturday from doing laundry, grocery shopping and preparing for dinner. Earlier today we went to Hommer's Meat a butchershop here in Stevensville, Ontario. I like to buy meat from them for it is fresh and cheaper from than the usual grocery store and I get to buy pork meat with the skin and fat on it. It is good to have them once in awhile but not all the time. We bought some breakfast sausage and pork tenderloin and baby back ribs. I had to put them in a cut them into piece depending on what recipe it calls for and stock them in the freezer for about 2 weeks consumption. Dishes were waiting for me too, rinse them and loaded them in the dishwasher.

I went online to check on some recipes that will be good for my meat for the week. I watched some shows at while watching I was also doing my knitting it is a scarf. I am now ready for bed to relax my tired body. I have to get up early for church too.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday. Good night folks.

Yummy Banana Bread

Last night I baked a loaf of banana bread. I got the recipe from banana bread. It taste good and it is very simple to make. We both like it and its good for breakfast with coffee.

Rainy Saturday

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Good morning friends! Hope you will have a nice Saturday. It is raining here right and it looks so gloomy no sunshine at all. It is just nice to curl up in the bed to get warm and be a couch potato for the day. My day will be pack today from laundry, cleaning the house, grocery shopping and cooking.

May you have a great weekend. Do you want some a hot cup of coffee?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Night, Night Everyone myspace graphic comments

I am off to bed now my friends. Hope you had a good Friday. It's kinda late now and I got a sleepy head already. It has been a long day for me today. Once again have agood night and may God bless us all.

Happy Weekend!

Blood Work

I had my blood work done today the laboratory close by the home. I had fasting the night before to have my blood work. My doctor ordered a lot of test about 5 vials of blood were extracted from my right arm. The medtech was good for she was able find my vein right on the first try but it left a little bruise on it. The test were ordered due to my dizziness, checks my cholesterol, glucose, creatine, hemoglobin and there is one more which I forgot. Hopefully the test result will be fine.

Anyways I am just here at home right now enjoying my day off. Its nice to be Friday once again. Have a nice weekend guys.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sweet Dreams

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Good night my friends. My eyes are very heavy now and my body is tired didn't have a nap at all earlier today. I have to snooze off now to bed. May you have a good night sleep. I'll see you all tomorrow. Thank you Lord for today's blessings.

Thanks to 3PPP's

Wow I am lucky today for I was able to grab opps after such a long time. I was not easy to get it; it was still available when I saw it but after answering their cache question it just said all posts are taken. Another thing also I am not aware that I am only allowed to grab up to 3 posts in a day. I was so excited to grab another one worth $20 for 50 words but it turned out that I was already up to my limit. I felt sad better luck next time. I learned my lesson I should have waited and not submitted my last post to grab the bigger fish but I might not be able to get it too. The more blogs I have the better I guess for more opportunities to take. I am very new to this blogging thing everyday is a learning experience.

I will just update my other blogg and hopefully I can submit it to them when it is qualified. At least I earned something for today.
Happy blogging guys.

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New Eyeglasses

I just pick up my new eyeglasses. I was there at Canvision for about half hour while she was doing some adjustments on my eyeglasses to fit it right.
The owner of the optical is chinese lady i like her service alot very professional in handling her client and her prices are reasonable. For sure on my next pair I would go back to her. Going back to my eyeglasses it did fit me very well, right now I am still adjusting myself wearing an eyeglass. My prescription is good when I do my computer work. I am really happy that I had my eye check and the eyeglass really help my vision especially when it is very glarey.

Power Properties Rentals

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Good Morning Friends

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It Thursday and I am up so early at 5 am. My stomach was upset its like I have lots of gas on it. It made me get up so early since I couldn't get back to bed so I just went to my computer to surf the net and watch my shows.

I was able to chat with my niece from Davao this morning. I am happy for her that she passed in all her subjects for the first semester especially that she was worried for one of her major subjects. Good Job Shem!

It is worth getting up early today. I was able to do some knitting also hopefully I can finish the scarf today. I am off from work too so this will be a happy thursday for me.

Rolex Watches @

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving day today here in Canada. Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians. Most of them celebrated the thanksgiving dinner yesterday. I don't have turkey for dinner tonight for it is too big for a family of two. I have marinated chicken breast last night with swiss chalet chicken marinade that will be for dinner tonight.
It is a time to thank our Lord for all the blessings we have received for the year.
Thought of the Day: Let us give thanks to the Lord our God. It is right to give our thanks and praise.
We are heading out to the Queenston Heights it is nice and sunny today.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vision Problems

For the past few weeks I have been feeling light headed and dizzy at times. My stomach is upset it feels like I wanted to throw up. I felt the pain at the back of neck. I thought I was pregnant but I was wrong. I suspect that I have problems with my vision especially that my work requires most of the time working in the computer. At the end of my shift at work I always have that feeling even if I am at home doing surfing the net. The glare of the monitor screen gives me a lot headaches.

I should start to limit my hours in the computer and let my eyes rest. I think I need an eyeglasses that protects the glare. I will have my eye doctor's appointment on Friday next week. Hope it won't be that bad.

Stroll at Walden Galeria

Autumn is already here and it is one of the seasons that I like especially when the color of the leaves starts changing it beautiful colors. Over the weekend our weather was gorgeous we it was sunny and not so cold. Temperature was about 20-25 degrees celcius; it only gets chilly after sunset.
As we drove on our way to the border the scenery was just beautiful with the leaves changing from green to yellow; green to red and shades of orange. I wish I had my camera with me to take pictures on the way. In my neighborhood right now colors of the leaves are not that great compared to the one I saw today.
We went to walden galeria mall just to window shop and find deals. There were some items on for 50-70% like end of season sale. I just bought a fleece jacket for I need for the coming colder months. Some were still expensive even if they were already discounted. I didn't spend a lot though especially with the economy right now. I want to debt free which is what I am aiming right now. It is too tiring to keep on working and most of it will just go to bills. I did good though for my credit card is now zero balance. Regular utility bills are just the bills to look forward and house mortage. Thanks God!
My legs are tired from walking we were there about 4 hours. I am sleepy right now. Hope to take good pictures of the changing leaves.

Sunday Reflections

I went to chruch to attend the first mass at 7:45 am. Thanks God though I slept very late last night I was still able to make it to the first mass. It was nice to be at the Lord's house today. Fr. Paul, a Filipino priest officiated the mass. The Gospel for today is from Mattew 22:1-14, Jesus comparing to the kingdom of God to wedding feast for a son of king. In the gospel as group of people were invited to attend the wedding feast (God's kingdom) but they ignored the invitation; others gave light to it, one went to his farm and other did his own business. The king decided to send his servants and invite as many as they could. The gospel tells us today that many are called but a few are chosen. God called his people to be a part of his kingdom but only a few are chosen to be him.
After the mass I get to chit chat with Fr. Paul for a short while and he introduced Sr. Cristela to me. Sr. Cristela a Filipino nun from Cotabato, Mindanao and doing her charity work here in Canada at the Holy Rosary Parish. She just came over five months ago. It was nice to meet her and we talk also for a bit, especially that we can converse in the same dialect.
I will try the first mass every Sunday. It feels good to be there early and nothing to worry about for the day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Look

I just change the look of my blog. It is now with the shades of blue instead from black. It matches with my header picture. New look refreshes my blog and so that my visitors won't be bored with my style.

This will be a new journey in life without my Mama. She may not be around physically but I am sure she is now my guarding angel. She is still watching me I just won't be able to see her but I can feel her presence.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thank YOU

Thank you Lord for letting my grab some opportunities today. Even though I only grab two today it is still alot better than nothing. At least it will make up for my absense from work a little of it. Hope 3p's will bless all bloggers with more opportunities.

I am getting ready to go to work hope I will have a good day. Hope customers are more friendly today.

I pray for more patience for myself especially in my work that I do.

Pearl Jewelries for Investment

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Off from Work

I didnt go to work yesterday. I had stomach flu and terrible headache. I was ready to go out of the door I just felt like our housing is turning around. That was how bad my headache. I had my upset stomach since Sunday evening thought It will be better by Monday but it got worst. I took some medicines and hot water and have some rest. It is a lot better now the sad thing I have to come to work early today to make up for my hours. No sick pay :(, hay life.
Glad to grab one entry from 3ps today.

1031 Tax Exchange

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Economic Downfall

A lot of manufacturing companies have closed here in my place and have moved the jobs to other 3rd world counteries due to cheap labor. It has greatly affected to alot of people especially the ones that are laid off from work. I know that in the US right now that have big problem with their economy and most like it will also affect us here in Canada which I am seeing it already. Most of the American firms here are closed for they want to bring back the business back to their homeland.
Like me working as a collector representative for a bank, it is getting very hard to let people pay their debts especially that our clients are from the US. I feel sorry and sad for a lot of them have lost their jobs and is just barely living enough to survived. They couldn't tell as when they can make their payments for they still have to look for jobs they are just concentrating of their basic needs like food and shelter.
My husband is even worried of the place he works for especially that it is an american firm and into automotive business. If people doesn't have jobs how can they afford to buy new cars. It will affect the whole market.
I hope we the recession won't be too long and businesses would be able to recover. I hope that there will be more job opportunities in stored for this country.

Residential Rehab @ Promise Treatment Center

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Morning Star Mill

The weather is sunny today after rain poured last night. Todd and I are going to take some pictures at the morning star mill. Its a flour mill in the olden times I think it is still working till now.
Hope the leaves change its colors now for fall. I will be posting pictures soon.

Affordable Sinks @

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I have to let my hubby know about these great deals for kitchen sinks for our sink in the kitchen needs to be replaced. I would like to order equal double bowl under mount stainless steel kitchen sink with product code UD103 and guess what from $53500 to $235.99, isn’t that a good price?