Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Death A New Journey to Life Everlasting

Death is inevitable we can never really tell as to when it will knock in our door. When someone dies the pain is unbearable; it can take time to heal the wounds. At this moment I am enduring the pain in my heart. My Mama has been battling for her kidney failure for three years and she is always a fighter. A lot of times during her dialysis treatments that she will collapsed and thought that she won't be able to make it. She always rally around but on August 26 at 2:15 am (Philippine time) she wasn't able to make it, up to the she was still a fighter she died for 8 mins in the ICU but doctors were able to revive her and she just gave up in the end. Though she was already unconscious I was able to say my last goodbye to my Mama, they said hearing is the last one to go. I didn't hear any reply from her only the noise of the ventilator. It is very hard to be far away from home in times like this. If I can just fly and be there in seconds I would. I was crying since yesterday and my eyes are already dry but the pain is still there. I lost both of them now, Papa five years ago.

I know Mama was in a lot of pain before and now she is happy together with our Creator. My last words to her was I love you Ma and you will be together with Papa now tell him I missed him a lot and i told her to continue guiding us. I gonna miss everything in her, those memories are left to be cherished. She is now starting her journey to life everlasting with our Creator. Ma, when it will be my time meet me with your loving hug. I will see you when my time comes.

Please help me pray for the repose of her soul. May she rest in peace.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Celebrating Christianity

Earlier I wrote about Bb Daniel's christening. Todd dropped me off to their chruch for the ceremony together with my friend. We attended their chruch service for about 45 minutes and another half hour for the baptism. They called it dedication for he was not baptized with water. Their Pastor dedicated Daniel's life to our Lord. As one of the Godmother I am responsible for him if his parents are no longer there, but there were lotso f us who were sponsors too.
We had a very good lunch almost all of the foods served were yummy Filipino foods. Lechon is alway present on big gatherings. OMG, the food were all delicious and the desserts too. We stayed their for couple hours and left earlier than everyone especially that it started to rain.
Welcome to the Christian world baby Daniel! God bless you!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bb Daniel's Christening

My friend at work gave birth to a baby boy last March 9, 2008. I met her here in Canada, she is my officemate and from the Philippines also. On her last day at work before she went for her maternity leave I made a baby afgan blanket for her baby. Since she gave birth I have not seen her baby; I didn't have the time to visit too bad :(. About three weeks ago she phoned me to ask me to be one of the godmother (ninang) of her baby.

The christening of baby Daniel will be tomorrow at 11 o'clock in the morning in her chruch. My other friend is also coming with me; she is one of the ninang's too.

To baby Daniel welcome to the Christian world. Be a good boy always.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Chikahan w/ Sissy

I just talked to my sister today from South Carolina. She said she was able to talk to my sister from back home about my mama dear. It is almost three years that our mama is into dialysis for both of her kidneys are no longer working. I understand that it is too much pain for her to undergo the treatment twice per week and aside from that she has other complications too. Three of us here are helping to finance her medical expenses; we have been trying our very best to give what we can. I know that is also hard at times financially for we have bills to pay also. Mama illness is incurable it is just a cycle of procedures and lifetime maintenance for her to survive. No matter how many thousands of dollars we sent still it is not enough it is easily drained. My other sister is the one taking care of her right now, we understand it is hard for her also to do it by herself. I know we take care of the financial side but she take care of her, budgets the money we sent to her every month. It is also hard for her to do it especially if the finances is not enough. Figure of amount we have spent is already unmeasurable but there is nothing we can do she is our Mama. We will keep on trying to do our best to extend her life. At this moment she just have her blood transfusion again for her blood is very low that there is not enough blood to be filtered for dialysis. She can no longer walk due to celliulitis her feet are all swollen, she is getting fragile and sickly. She has all the complications now from high blood pressure, heart problems, cholesterol but she still have a very strong fighting spirit to survive. It has been draining us financial but like I said we trying our very best to keep her going. She is the only one left for us, Papa already passed away 5 years ago. Hope everything goes well for her. I miss you Ma, hope to see you again.

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Good Morning Buddies!

Good morning every one. I got up early today than my usual time getting out of bed even though I slept late. I let my doggies out for a pee and gave them their breakfast. Misty didn't bother to wake me up usually she will go to my room and will try to climb up to the bed which she couldn't reach. She will also whines or make some noise to catch my attention. On the other hand Joel will start to bark to get me out of bed. These dogs are my alarm clock in the morning.
I still have not eaten breakfast still thinking what will I prepare. Fried rice with scramble eggs might be a good one and dried boneless danggit for appetizer and a hot chocolate for a drink. Im craving for it now. Got to go and start cooking.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

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I am still up and its already late. I was just checking my mails, visiting my friendster account and blog hopping for I didn't see any OPPs for the night at 3P's. It kinda quite at 3P's tonight there were opps earlier today but they were already taken. I was at work when they give out. I was just taking my time on the internet watching news back home. Then glad that when I refresh my 3P's I saw new opps for the night. I immediately grab it its is not for big amount but it is ok with me. It's better to have one than to have nothing for the night. I got a reward for staying late :).
I better go to bed now to get some rest. Good night folks!

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Don’t forget guys Black Friday will be on November 28, 2008. Happy online shopping.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Phone Conversation

I slept very late last night around 2 o'clock in the morning. I got an email from cousin who just arrived in California a week ago. In her email she provided her contact #, so I tried to call her glad that she was home. We talked on the phone for more than an hour. She is very excited with her new job. She will be working as a teacher to severe mentally retarted kids. She used to be a teacher for special children back home. I am happy for her that she got hired right away on the first job fair that she went. In fact there were two positions offered to her from the same school. I told her she did a good job.
We talked a lot, she is still adjusting on the place but she is doing ok. She said she is busy preparing all her work documentations and trainings. She already started her classes and she said she did easily connect with her students.

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Every time we washed our heavy comforters we always do it at the laundry mat for its too heavy for our upright washing machine, glad that I found front load washing machines for we wanted to buy one to do our comforters.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Work Is Over

I just got home from work about an hour ago. It was very busy at work today. I can even say hi to my workmates today. It is just from call after call, no time for chit chat. Time went so fast when I get busy at work. I talked to a lot of customers today some of them were nice others are rude too. Everyday at work is different sometime I can get all the rudes customers in the one day. Most customers that are rude are the once that can't make a payment. I think that is their self defense to scare collectors away, which I won't be scared.
I don't know what will be for tomorrow at work. Just wish it will be pleasant day with customers.
Have a good night guys. Hope you had a happy Tuesday.

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Tuesday Morning

Good Morning Guy! How is your Tuesday Morning? Though I got up late today I still have a relaxing Tuesday. I did some of the household chores. I didn't have to worry what to bring for lunch for I already prepared them last night. I was just updating my blog and glad to grab some opportunity before I go to work. While I doing my blog I was also watching my teleserye online. I don't have TFC channel but I am thankful to all of those who are never tired of uploading teleserye at pinoychannel.tv. I love to watch Iisa Pa Lamang and My Girl. The story is getting nicer each day.
Hope my day at work today will be fine.

2008 Black Friday Deals

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Cooling Off

We had a full day last Saturday from whole day doing the carpet at my aunt's house. Our plan to go for a bike ride didn't happen during the day. After having dinner at the Chinese restaurant we went home and relaxed for a bit. Todd watched Tv and I did my bloging thingy. At ten o'clock at night we decide to went for a bike ride to go to the falls. It was bit cold and chilly on the highway. We didnt go to the falls for Todd's hand were already sore from the cold, he forgot to bring his gloves. We just went for a bike ride for 30 minutes and head back home. Its nice to breath fresh air. Good thing that I wore the enough clothes to keep me warm while on the road.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Charity

We got up early today to help JP do the carpet cleaning of our late Aunt Charlene's house. Todd and I left the house at 9 in the morning bringing our gadgets to shampoo Aunt Charlene carpets. Jp brought his industrial machine to shampoo carpets and other cleaning stuff. Her house is beautiful with an open concept and those high ceilings with rot irons for the stairs and big pillars on the living room. When she got really old and senile the house has never been cleaned probably in about 4 years. Before she house was spotless when she can still do the job.

Jp and Sharon started to shampoo the two bedrooms upstairs, it takes a lot of work you have to remove all the furnitures. Todd and I helped in moving the bedroom furnitures. While they were cleaning the bedrooms, Todd and I started to vacuum the dining area and hallway of the living room. It came out pretty clean and smells really fresh. After Jp was done with the bedrooms I have to go up and vacuum the hallway where the bedrooms for him to do the shampooing. It took awhile to clean the steps too. Last thing we have to clean was the living room it was big with lots of antique furnitures and marble table top; they were heavy to moved.

We thought we will be out of there by noon but it ended the job was done at 4:30 in the afternoon. That was our Saturday mission glad that it was accomplished. I was starving for I didn't have breakfast and lunch just had bottle of water. We planned to go out for a motorcycle ride at noon thinking we will be done by noon :(. I am so tired right now feels that my body is whipped. Todd still wanted to go for a motorcycle ride. I don't feel like going. I need to energized myself first. I might go for a nap.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Got Off Early From Work

It was a fun day at work today just got paid for doing nothing at all. I went to work at 2:30 p.m. today early as I was scheduled. I was on the phone for one hour and just surprise the line was disconnected and my program froze. Good thing that I was already done in processing the payment. Its the work dialer and the program had some trouble it went down. Everybody was very happy it gives us a break from calling people to pay their debts. We were just talking to each other and remain seated on our desk. We waited for hours for the dialer to go back but at the same time crossing our fingers not too. I guess we are all lucky today at work, sat there for almost six hours with pay without doing anything. After I came back for lunch we were advised that they couldn't fix for today and said they we can go home. Hurray, we are all happy to go home early for tonight.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Blues

My Sunday was spent wisely. I did a lot of work today around the house. My body is just tired and exhausted right now. I had to iron the clothes for I have not done it in two weeks, everything piled up. Glad that I finished it in an hour. Todd went to work today for overtime. After doing all my household chores I went for a nap to energize myself.

I had to prepare dinner for my stomach is already demanding for food and for Todd to have something to eat after work. I made bam-i for tonight and lechon kawali. Todd stopped by at the pet store to get some food for Joel. My bam-i was very delicious and the lechon kawali too. Todd had some bam-i for he doesn't eat pork with fat which is the best for me. I know its not good for the health but I don't eat them everyday once in a while.

Tomorrow it will be Monday again and time to go back to work. It would be nice if we all have the money to spend without going to work, just my one of my wish. Hope it will be OK at work tomorrow, no irate customers to work on.

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New Header Picture

Last header picture I had in my blog was taken on at the morning star mill during the fall season. That was my first fall here in Ontario. The colors of the leaves were very vibrant and beautiful. That was the best fall I have seen for the succeding fall seasons the colors of the leaves weren't that attractive and they didn't last long also.

Today I have decided to change to have a new look. It was taken during our camping at Four Mile Creek, NY last July 2008. It was late in afternoon when the picture was taken. You can see the beautiful scenic view of the campground and the sunset light reflecting on the clouds.
This is the place to go if you want to relax and unwind after a long week of work.

Mood of the Day

What is your mood for today friends? I am tired today my body is sore especially my legs and shoulder blades. I did a lot of house cleaning and laundry of the living room curtains. It is easy if I can just load them to the washing machine. Since the curtains are very delicate I have to soaked them in the tub and hand washed them. These curtains are special also for they were made by my late mother-in-law. We try to take care of them to prolong its use for if they get wreck mom is no longer here to make a new set. I still have few drapes to do. It has to be done one at a time. I might do the rest on the next weekend when I am off at work.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Thanks for all the OPPs

I am very happy tonight when I check my dashboard for 3Ps wow it was raining with opportunities again. Thank you folks for the task I have grab. I just grab two tonight for after I made my post it was too late to grab the third one they already went gray. At least I have caught fishes for tonight. Maybe they will be more tomorrow.
Hope everyone was able to grab their share for tonight. Have a nice weekend guys.

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Immature Mind

I was not happy at work yesterday. I had a client whose mind is very immature can't even understand when you advised him that his payment is returned. He keeps on telling my that it is still under investigation from his bank. OMG, when it is very clear on our system that the payment was returned due to insufficient funds and he is trying to tell me that I don't understand what he was saying to me. It ended he requested for a supervisor to speak with, I didnt' hesitate and got my supervisor for him. It ended that the explanation of my supervisor was exactly the same of what I advised him. This guy needs to grow up inorder for him to understand his finances. I was just laughing at the back of my mind.
I think it just not my day yesterday for another immature minded co-worker of mine wanted me to move out of my desk when infact there are alot of desk available. She just pisses my off maybe she thinks that I won't strike her back. In the first place I arrived earlier then her, so I went to my supervisor and told her about the situation. Her attention was being called and told that she doesn't have the right to let a move out only a manager can. I respect her for she is older than me but she won't get that respect anymore. We are working in the same place she needs to grow up and act professionaly.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Raining with OPPS

It was raining with OPPS at 3P's today but I wasn't able to grab one at all.
Well, better luck next time. Hope you have grab one guys.

I better get ready for work. See you later.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Police Gear Website Link

It will be my nephew’s birthday and I have been thinking of buying him a pair of pants. Glad that I have found online store called LA Police Gear they sell different kinds of stuff from apparel down to work shoes and other gadgets. I am sure my nephew will like set of 511 Pants I will be giving on his birthday. At LA Police Gear also offers free shipping. I am also looking of buying one of their flashlights it is ideal for camping. Guys if you are looking for gifts to buy check this out 511 Pants. They just don’t sell products for military but it is for everyone.

Off for Weekend Camping

This weekend we are going for camping to Four Mile Creek State Park in NY and back by Monday. Though it will just be for the weekend, it will be fun and a relaxing weekend for Todd and myself. It is nice to enjoy after a long weekday of working. We will go for a walk on the park with our doggies. I still have to load the trailer for stuff we need to bring. I will be posting pictures when we come back.
Have a nice weekend guys.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Quality Suites A Pet Friendly Hotel in Cordova, Tennessee

It was April 2006 when my husband and I went to visit my sister’s family in Tennessee. It was a land trip we drove for almost 19 hours before we can reach to my sister’s place. After driving 13 hours straight we decided to look for a hotel to stay for the night not just for us but a place that will accommodate our two dogs. We were glad to find http://www.super8.com a motel that allows pets. It was a very tiring day for us especially for my husband who was the only one driving. We had a good sleep at Motel 8. The motel is clean and serves free complimentary breakfast.

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