Friday, July 11, 2008

Camping at Allegany State Park

I am glad that summer is here again get to enjoy the sunny weather for it doesn’t last all year round where we are living. My husband and I had been off for a week from work for our annual summer camp. We decided to go to Allegany State Park in Salamanca, New York. It was almost two hours drive from home. We left on the 5th of July last Saturday towing our trailer with our dogs Misty and Joel. We were both excited for this trip for my husband has been there while he was still a kid and it was my first time to be in that park too.

There was a bit of a wait at the Peace Bridge on the border especially that I still have to stop at the custom’s office to renew my pass for the United States. It took us about 45 minutes to wait for our papers to be inspected at the border and another 20 minute wait for my name to be called to be issued a renewal border pass.

Allegany State Park is a very huge park you can either choose to stay at Red House or at Quaker we were booked at Quaker Park, Cain Hollow Loop C site #49. You need to have a pedal bike or a motorcycle to get to other places of the park. I was amazed to see the beautiful landscape sceneries, lake, forest, and the mountains. They have a lot of trails for hiking (bear hiking trail) and some of their camp sites are along the creek. It is really cool at night you can hear the water flowing. Though the site we where in was the last available hydro site that we weren’t happy about it for weeds and grass was just over grown and it was on the forest side with an open swamp it has stagnant water in it. We learned our lesson not to go back to that site and listed the beautiful camp sites along the creek. It was just a huge park that it was so hard to keep up the maintenance of the park.

Though our site was not the greatest we still had fun camping at the Allegany State Park. We had our camp fire for two nights, had our early morning walk along the park and we did went to Pennsylvania for Quaker Park is just between the boundary of NY and PA. We pack up on Tuesday, 8th of July not to head home but to move to another park closer to home at Four Mile Creek, in Robert Moses Parkway, NY.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Niagara Falls Escapade

My sisters and their families came for a visit about 2 weeks ago. I was happy to see them again. We had such a great time bonding with each other and with their kids also. It was very lively inside the house, usually it is very quiet for it's just me and hubby living in it. Kurt enjoyed so much going up and down the stairs. Kyle was playing with our dogs too.

We took them to see the Niagara Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world. We all went to the Maid of the Mist boat to take a closer look of the falls. It was a wonderful experience with mother nature. I was bit scared upon reaching to the Canada side of the falls - it is huge and the current is fast. That was were we all got wet good thing they provide us with raincoats. Everyone enjoyed sight seeing along the falls and surrounding area. We want to the Floral Clock also and had some picture talking.

With my sisters around it feels like we were in the Philippines. I prepared lot of pinoy dishes. My sister brought some "boneless danggit" and some "dried nokus" directly from Cebu it was yummy.

Friend Waiting

My friend Lynn has be waiting for such a long time for us to talk each other over the phone. Every time I tried to call her she is at work our schedule doesn't coincide at all. She tried to call me as well but I was not home. She is now base in the United States working as a nurse. Yesterday, I got an email from her and was glad to hear from her again.
We are arrange a date again to talk each other on the phone. She said she will be off this coming Sunday but its too bad i won't be home by then. Todd and I will be off for camping to Alegany Park leaving on Saturday. I told her if it is ok to call her on Friday but she said Thursday its ok even if how late it is at night. I told her I will call her by Friday at 10:30 pm after I am done working.
Hope we can talk each other on the phone. It has been such a long time I have not talk to her though we exchange emails once in awhile.
Back in highschool she calls me "lat-lat" for Lotlot de Leon for she use to be my idol, hay naku, highschool life. I call her "lat-lat" as well.
I am glad to receive an email from highschool buddy. I have tried to phone her many times but its just our schedule doesn't coincide. Every time I call her she is working.