Sunday, May 11, 2008

Garden Lights

All of our garden lights in the front loan are busted. Those lights were so old already that they need to be replaced. We were already thinking of buying a replacement. Today we went to Wal-mart to look around stuff they have in the garden section. It took us a while to decide; which is the best light to buy in terms of quality and price wise. We found the 8 lights set solar powered garden lights for the front and 3 lights solar powered spotlight for the back for my little garden where the windmill is.

It was raining on our way home, Todd said he won’t be able to do it today might be tomorrow. While I was making some entry for my blogg he said if I could have a minute to come down. He was outside and I said if he need something and he said look down and there I saw the garden lights already installed.

Garden lights in the front and spotlights for the back garden are all done. The next weekend we need to get more mulch and cover the mess from the old lights. I wanted to put some stones around our garden.

Thank you babe for doing the work even there was still rain showers.

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