Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Belated Happy Easter

Belated Happy Easter to all. I apoligize for the delayed greeting. I just went to chruch to hear the Easter mass. We were busy doing some work on the trailer to be ready for the camping season.
Last weekend we were invited for dinner at my friend's house it was their post easter celebration. The food were delicious. Early during the day we went to the trailer open house to see their stocks, for we were thinking of trading our unit to a bigger one if the price is right. It didn't happen though for the deal was not good. I figured it will be an added expense anyway the one we have is still in good shape. Practicality comes first especially with the present economic situation wherein jobs are no longer stable.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Good Friday is a religious holiday commemorating the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death in Golgotha. I miss the celebration of the Holy Week back in the Philippines. We always do the Visita Iglesia on Maundy Thursday going to 13 different Catholic churches. During the day we usually go to Good Shepard to do our Station of the Cross. Not only that I also miss all the native foods that we prepare for the Good Friday. All the food that are "ginataan" (coconut milk)from biko (sweet sticky rice), binignit (native fruit salad),ginataang monggo(green monggo with coconut milk, tinap-anan (smoked fish) and a lot more. Though it is a day of fasting but we have lots of food to munch on. No meat for that day only seafoods and vegetables. We do attend the procession of Holy Wednesday and Good Friday. I just miss all these activities. It is totally different here in the foreign land we don't have all of these. There are still celebration of Mass in the chruch but I don't think they do the procession. We also do the Vigil at night right after the procession on Good Friday.

I remember when I was still a kid that my Mama used to tell us to stop playing after 3pm (after the death of Jesus on a Good Friday) for you get wounded it won't heal fast. Those were just the days. I miss my Mama and my Papa so much. Wish they are still around.

When It Rain It Pours

It has been awhile I have not made any posting to my blog. I am glad to be back. I have been very occupied for the past month. A lot of stress have come along the way. At the start of March my sister who is 4 months pregnant phoned me that her laboratory results were alarming. She is positive for Trisomy 18 known as "Edwards Syndrome" which made the whole family worried. Her doctor advised she will still deliver the baby but the baby will die after few hours. I told her if it is meant for you than God will grant it, if not then you have to let go. It was a bad news but we never loose hope and our faith to God. We offered prayers asking for God's help to change the diagnosis. Her doctor advised to go 4d ultrasound,to see if the baby physical appearance is normal or a needle will be injected to her placenta to get a fluid to determine the baby condition. She opted to have the 4d or level 2 ultrasound for the needle work is risky of having a miscarriage. When the ultrasound was performed everything was very normal the baby she has in her womb is 8oz and all the physical features are normal. Thanks God her baby is normal and the laboratory work indicating as positive was just a possibility. Thanks God for hearing our prayers. There is nothing impossible in prayers if you have faith.

My eldest sister went for a visit to Cebu to be with my other sister. Instead of enjoying her stay trying to be away from all the stress in life. She got a phone call that her eldest son needs to be hospitalize due to potassium deficiency. That was his second attack the first one was more serious. He was hospitalized for 3 days and was able to recover. Praise God for your goodness. Hope he will be careful and will take care of himself.

With the economic down turn, Todd's job has been affected especially working for an automotive industry. Job security is no longer guaranteed which add more stress to him not knowing whether his company will stay open or not. He was laid off for a week and good thing he was back to work after a week. It is still up in the air but at least he is still working. Another blessing to be thankful.

March 18 was my Mama's birthday. She should have turned 70 this year but she didn't make it. My sister had a little celebration back in the Philippines honoring her birthday even though she is no longer around. I miss greeting her on the phone and sending a birthday card, she is no longer there. Life must go on without her for Mama won't be happy to see us her children sad.

My work has been stressing my as well. It has been very hard letting people to pay their debts especially with the recession that has been going on. A lot of them have lost their jobs and can no longer afford to pay their obligations. I know I can care less for them for I don't know them but I still have my emotions for them. Hope things will be better soon.

We were planning to go away during the Holy Week to visit my sister's family in South Carolina but we just made it earlier in time that he was laid off from work. We did have good trip stayed at my sister's place for the few nights and headed to Mrytle Beach to camp at Ocean Lake Resort. It was a nice time to unwind after all of the spice of life.

God is good all the time. Thank you Lord.
There is no storm that passes in our lives that we can't tackle if we just keep our FAITH in God and He won't leave us alone.