Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Work Shoes for Comfort

When you buy for shoes do you go for style or for comfort or for the price? Buying a new pair of shoes for me will take a lot of window shopping for the good ones. I don’t care for the price as long as my feet are comfortable. My feet have to be comfortable with it for my feet bring me to work and to any places I want to go.

Living in a country that has four seasons you get to change your shoes every season. You need a shoe that will fit for the season. Now that it is winter time I do love to wear my Boot they make my feet warm from the cold weather. At they make work shoes and boots that are made in the USA. You are guaranteed that materials are of genuine leather and would last longer compare to those imitation work shoes and boots. It is very easy to order a pair from then just visit their website and they provide free shipping of your orders.

My husband at work needs a work shoes and it has to be steeled toe to protect the feet from any harm. I have found a pair from him at workbootsusa. They have different brands that you can choose from depending on your needs.

Jolly Hearbeat

My sister is 9 weeks pregnant her 3rd child after 6 years. At first she couldn't believe that she is pregnant even though it shows as positive on the test. Last week she went to see her ob-gyne and there she has accepted it that is 9 weeks pregnant. Her doctor didn't have a hard time locating the heartbeat of her baby. The baby's heartbeat is good and it sounds so loud. The baby is now starting to develop its body parts and moves so fast.

We are very excited and happy w/ my sister's pregnancy. Wish everything will be fine with her pregnancy.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trailer Storage

After the camping season you need to pack up all your camping needs from your trailer, boat and other camping gears. When we used to have our 5th wheel self storage came in very convenient for us. It was the best way to go for it is very secure. You don't have to worry about your trailer being break in.

Happy Saturday myspace graphic comments

It is Saturday once again my day to relax and do the household work. It is my day to be off from work, yahoo :). It is nice to away from the stressful work environment. It is still snowing outside and its another cold day. Hope we get to see Mr. Sunshine today. I am brewing some coffee right now, any one who wants a cup? It will keep you warm. I am just wondering about the oppurtunities at 3P's the pay is getting lower and lower they must be affected by the global crisis. Hope everything will be able to recover and we be out of this crisis.

Have a nice Saturday to you.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shopping Deals

When you shop do you look for daily deals as for me that is what I look for every time I go on shopping. Online shopping has made shopping very to convenient especially if the deal is right. At they offer daily deals of different gadgets for sale each day. You will be surprise of how cheap their prices are and it is all brand new. If you are a travel and you need a wall travel charger for your Blackberry device that is today’s product deal. Visit them now and avail the cheapest deal.

You also get to review comments of customers how great their customer’s service shipping, prices wise. I will watch this site daily as well for they might have deals on the CB radio that my husband has been eyeing for. It is just very easy and quick to shop from their site. Shipping is very quick as what I have read from the customers comments. I will definitely recommend to my friends. I just can’t believe about how low their prices are image on their past deals that have Brand New Unlocked Blackberry 7230 GSM $39.99. I wish I have known about them before I could have bought that phone. I better luck next like I said I will keep my eye on their site for future deals.

Good Morning Everyone

I was up very late last night till 2:30 early morning. I was chatting with my officemates back home. We were discussing about how tough the times now especially the economy. I also told them that it is not just in the Philippines but it is all over the world. Everybody is feeling the crunch even at where I work. We were informed yesterday that for any salary increases for the year 2009 will be freeze. We thought we will loss our job already. We just said that is not that bad at least we are still working and overtime is still available. One of my friend I was talking to really understood what is life abroad for she was just here 5 months ago. She even said that she told her family and friends that earning dollars is not easy for you have to spend in dollars too. I told her you just need to be very hardworking to survive if you live here. You can't depend on anybody but to yourself for survival.
Today is Friday hope my day at work goes fast. Have a nice day.

Reinventing America

We all know of the economic crisis that has hit the United States of America. A lot of us has been wondering on how they will able in Reinventing America out of this turmoil. It has been getting so bad that people are laid off from their jobs. Hoping soon they can recover for it is not only them that are in crisis right now but it is the whole world.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Small Pet World

My workmate Vanna and I always talk each other about our American Cocker Spaniel dogs. She have a 9 year old male doggy. She said the other day after work she had to run after to her dog because it brush off when she open their main door. She said her doggy did that so many times that at one point he was really lost. Good thing that he has a tag on with their phone # and her neighbor on the other block brought her dog back. As I told her that my doggy is very behave she doesn't take off at all even if the front door is open. She laughed when I told her that Todd groomed Misty it wasn't done right. My poor doggy looks like a butchered dog. As Todd would say she is like a dog from the street.
I ask her how old was her dog and where did she get it from. When she said that her doggy is 9 years old and was born on April 9, 2000. I told her that my doggy is also 9 years old and was born also on April 9, 2000. I begun to wonder if our dogs are siblings. When she said they got it from Dunville there I confirmed that they are really siblings for we got Misty from Dunville too. It was really a small world for our doggies. I want to see a picture for her dog and she wants to see a picture of Misty too.
I love my doggies they are our companion at home and are very loyal buddies. Misty and Joel has been great dogs. They always stay behind us and wait as to when I have to go to bed.

Motorcyle Accessories

Are you into riding motorcycle? Not at this time of the year though. This is the best time to have your motorcycle parts customize to be ready for the riding season. At they customize bikes of any brand from Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Victory. If you want all your bike accessories chrome you can have it done with them. It will be a head turner for people during the riding season. You may want to add some saddlebags to your touring bike to keep your biking stuff. Going for a long ride can be painful on your back especially if your motor cycle seats are not that comfortable. Check it out at they do have variety of choices. I learned that from experienced when Todd and I will go for a motorcycle ride I always tell him to replace seat that is comfortable for it does hurt my back and my legs. It is always a nice feeling ride with a more padded bike seat. Another thing if you are considering of making the sound of your bike intimidating that will stand out in the crowd check their different brands of exhaust pipes. You can choose from Vance and Hince, Jardine Bubs, Cobra. Todd’s Harley Davidson’s Softail custom has a Vance and Hince exhaust pipes they sounded really loud.

Busy Wednesday

I am tired and very exhausted from work today. It is just very busy at work about statement issues. I am sick of listening to all their complaints and problems that they can't make their payments. There is nothing I can do about this it is part of my job. I just want peace of mind at this moment. I don't want to hear anymore problems. I am just letting my stress out on my blog.
Hope it will be a lot lighter tomorrow.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Paying Post

During my younger days I used to have diary of things that have transpired in my life. It is nice to keep a record of them and read them once in a while. It used to be store in thick diaries as times advance in technology you can now do it paperless. It has been a year now that I have my online diary and I enjoy a lot posting my experiences and pictures of activities we have done. I didn’t know that by doing it also at the same time I can make money making advertising and bloggs from my online diary. At first, I didn’t understand as how I can make money from my blog. I am grateful for my friend for helping me to understand the world of blogging. I did submit my blogg to several sites that pays me to blog.

My earning had been a great help to my family especially in helping the medication expenses of my late mother. Though I don’t do it full-time but still little amount counts. With my coming earnings I am planning to buy something for myself. I am really grateful for all the earnings I got from blogging.

If you are into blogging Paying Post is a new website that pays you to blog it won’t take time to register your blog and get approved. Their website is very easy to maneuver especially with their new layout. When I registered my blogg with them I didn’t wait for a long time to get approved. If you are a stay-at-home mom this is the best way to earn something while taking care of your kids. Anyone can earn from blogging as long as you are willing to give it a try. Don’t waste your time visit them right now and start making money.

Cold Saturday

It is the weekend once again. Time flies so fast we are now almost in the middle of January. My week has been very busy at work. In fact they have been asking us to do overtime work on the weekend but I didn't commit to come to work. It is nice to have a day off after working for straight 5 days in a row. Glad to have my day off from work even though they were asking us to do some overtime hours. I will just try to come early next week on my regular work shift. Todd and I just went to the Niagara Square today just to wander around the mall. It was pretty quite not busy at all. I think that is always the trend after the holidays people minimize their shopping spree for this month will be the time to pay back the expense they had for the holidays. We were looking for the pet store that we used to go just to look around for puppies for sale but they went under 2 years ago. Since it was closer to lunch we bought food at their foodcourt and off we headed to go to Homer's Meats. We usually buy at meat the butcher shop all is fresh and a lot cheaper from the grocery store. In there I can also buy some pork with fat in it once in awhile it is good to have them.
It has been gloomy today ang very cold we were at -5 celcius this morning and it snowed till tonight. It will still be a long way to go before winter will be done. We still have 2 more months of this cold atmosphere.
Have a nice weekend to all my blogging friends.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Online Product Guides

What do you want to do during your free time? Each of us has different past time activities that we indulge in to let the day goes by. As for me, I usually love making crochet like scarves, blanket, throw blanket and I also love to cook. Some will love to do outdoor activities and will indulge into different kinds of sports. While I was still in my country where the weather is tropical I do love to play badminton during my spare time. It is my way of taking off the extra calories I’ve got. I remember my brother-in-law loves to play golf every summer even though the sun is not advisable for him. He really enjoys playing golf even if this type of sport is costly. I should let him know about Golf Playing Guides if he wants to visit different golf sites online that might interest him. He will be able to get comprehensive reviews on all of these golf playing guides services. They offer wide variety of categories of product reviews that are sold online visit them at You might want to check the different sites that you think will be helpful in fulfilling your needs in the future. It is just a click of your mouse.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holidays Are Over myspace graphic comments

Today is the last day of my holiday from work. I will be back to work tomorrow. I know it won't be easy to be at work after being off for two weeks but I have to do it for I need the money. I wish I will win in the lottery and I don't have to worry about going to work. I am still thankful that I still have a job especially with the economy right for a lot of companies have closed. In fact my husband is being laid from work for a week hope it won't go too long. The demand for their product is slow. He is working for the automotive industry. I hope that their will plant will be able to survive with the economic crisis and they won't close it. I have to motivate myself to work more hours to get more money back.
Have a blessed Sunday guys.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. My greetings is very late for I was gone for the holidays. We spent Christmas in Tennessee with my sister's family. It was a long drive for us good enough we didn't hit any snow storm on our way there. We arrived at two o'clock in the morning of December 25th had to dropped by to her place twice but there were already asleep. We didn't bother to knock on her door just check in at Quality Suites, which cost us a lot of money just for the night. We had to pay $25.00 for each pet. It was a lesson learned travelling with your pets can be costly better to bring your own unit like a trailer that you can stay.
We did have fun spending time with my sister's family and her kids. We went on shopping and buying gifts for the kids (video games that they wanted). We didn't spend so much especially that my husband is laid off from his work. Hope it won't be too long for that. We basically went there on a cheap budget what is most important that we were able to have a get together with my sisters and with their kids as well. All of us were happy to find out that my sister is pregnant with her third baby. It was not planned at all but there is nothing you can but just to accept it. Being pregnant is the most wonderful gift and a blessing that you can have. There is such a 6 years gap from her second child, hope it will be a girl this time. She has 2 boys now. She will give birth just in time for Mama's 1st death anniversary. Our dearly beloved Mama left us but we are happy to welcome my sister's baby a new addition to our family.
We also went to see some winter attractions at the Ice Musuem in Nashville, TN. An ice sculptor of the Grinch I just admire the artist that makes the sculpture. It is very pretty. It was also nice to get away from the cold weather. We were just wearing t-shirts out in the sun but for my sister it was already cold for them. The day before we leave they took us to the Memphis Zoo to see the festival of lights. My nephew wanted to see the bats and other animals but it was close better go there during the day. I did see a raindeer that was my first time. That night was a bit cold but we took some pictures with the lights.
We were thinking of extending our stay at my sister's house for another day but we don't want to hit any snow storm on our way back. On our way home about 2 hours from home when we hit the snow storm out in Erie, PA. We made it safe to home about 4 hours.
Hope you had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. I just wish it will be a fruitful year for 2009 for all of us. Hoping we will be able to get out of this economic crisis we are facing right now.