Wednesday, April 30, 2008


After graduation in October 1996 that was the last time I met my college friends. We all went on separate ways everyone of us has been busy applying for jobs. Shiela, Yvonne and Honey went to work in the same company a shipping industry in Balamban. I was separated from them I was working a shipping industry in a different company. Felaine went to work in a financial industry.

I had off and on communication with them. Thanks to friendster that were able to reconnect again. Last year I went home back to the Philippines and finally we had our reunion after 11 years. The four of us are married and Honey is the only one left single but dating. I was happy to see them again a lot has change in my friends especially on their physical appearance but attitude wise they are still the same. They all have kids except for me. We met in Ayala Center Cebu had drinks at Starbucks and we for lunch in Gussippie an Italian Restaurant (courtesy of Shiela's fiance). After lunch went back to the mall to have our studio shot taken. We ate again at Red Ribbon for I really miss their pancit palabok. It was nice to reminisce the times that we were together. We were all working students of the university so its like study by day and work at night or vice versa. We had to maintain grades in order to keep our scholarship.

Thanks for the time you spent with me my precious friends even if it was short but I had a great time.

Till we meet again and looking forward for more years of friendship to come.

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