Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KO System

I was very exhausted yesterday at work for we just launched our new system. It was our first day yesterday to use the KO system in collections. It was totally different from the old system we used we had training for about 10 hours for the new system. It is hard to absorb things for a short period of time, the learning process starts on day 1 that we used the system. Oh my God, my updating yesterday was pretty in handling the calls for I get to familiarize myself with all the codes and commands to go to the different screen to find information. I am still thankfull I was able to finish my shift and my clients on the phone were very understanding also.
I was also happy for the head of our client came over to my desk and handed me a THANK YOU card and a $50 dollar gift card to the Pen Center for being one of the top collectors of my team. Iam proud and happy with what I achieve for the job I am doing right now is not my career I am into.
I hope I will get the hang of it with the new system.

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