Thursday, October 30, 2008

My.Suit Men’s Professional Fashion

Lawyers, financial consultants, instructors and other professionals that do white collar jobs that usually wear suit to work to look decent and respectable. I worked in a financial industry most of the men I work with wear suits. In buying a suit it is important to consider style, kind of fabric and how does it fit also. At my they provide Made to Measure suit that fits perfectly to your body structure and type. It is best to buy Made to Measure suits for up to 30 measurements can be taken compared to off the rack suit it is only limited to 3 measurements. Aside from that you can choose the style you wanted either jacket type and pant type suit. You may even personalize your selections with detail options and a consultant will guide you in combinations of style elements; comprising traditional and conventional suit styles. I would recommend the 2 button suit to my friend at work I am sure he will look good on this style. I will let him know today to book any appointment to have his measurement taken for his made to measure suit. It will be very convenient for him for he can just book it online at

They have been around for 40 years of manufacturing and in retail experience it is a place you can trust on the for your made to measure suits and the prices are affordable.

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