Friday, October 24, 2008

Blood Work

I had my blood work done today the laboratory close by the home. I had fasting the night before to have my blood work. My doctor ordered a lot of test about 5 vials of blood were extracted from my right arm. The medtech was good for she was able find my vein right on the first try but it left a little bruise on it. The test were ordered due to my dizziness, checks my cholesterol, glucose, creatine, hemoglobin and there is one more which I forgot. Hopefully the test result will be fine.

Anyways I am just here at home right now enjoying my day off. Its nice to be Friday once again. Have a nice weekend guys.


GMG said...

hope there's no problem with your health. take care!

Anonymous said...

hi,can we trade a link?I'm also a Filipina,lived in US for 6 years but now living here in Canada.and I like it here but i have no friends yet,i just moved in here last aug 04.