Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seeing Cheap at Zenni Optical

Lately I my vision really brothers me and I had been getting terrible headache especially after work. I work with computers all day for 8 hours and the glare really affects my vision. I was alarmed about this problem and I want to an eye doctor for a consultation. I was already in doubt that I will have problems with my vision when I had the symptoms for I wear eyeglasses before back in the Philippines. I use it when I am doing my cross stitching. My eye doctor said that I am far sighted. I went and check on the pricing of their eyeglasses but it was beyond to my budget. Luckily I was able to read the article from Chicago tribune about Zenni Optical.

I can’t believe that their eyeglasses price starts at $8.00 which is very ideal for me especially I am on a budget. I chose single vision with glare protection. What I like most is that their prices are very affordable and a lot of designs to choose from. My husband needs a new pair also will inform him about Zenni Optical for sure he will get his eyeglasses from them. It is very nice of them to give cheaper prices to us who are trying to save right now especially with the economy.

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