Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stroll at Walden Galeria

Autumn is already here and it is one of the seasons that I like especially when the color of the leaves starts changing it beautiful colors. Over the weekend our weather was gorgeous we it was sunny and not so cold. Temperature was about 20-25 degrees celcius; it only gets chilly after sunset.
As we drove on our way to the border the scenery was just beautiful with the leaves changing from green to yellow; green to red and shades of orange. I wish I had my camera with me to take pictures on the way. In my neighborhood right now colors of the leaves are not that great compared to the one I saw today.
We went to walden galeria mall just to window shop and find deals. There were some items on for 50-70% like end of season sale. I just bought a fleece jacket for I need for the coming colder months. Some were still expensive even if they were already discounted. I didn't spend a lot though especially with the economy right now. I want to debt free which is what I am aiming right now. It is too tiring to keep on working and most of it will just go to bills. I did good though for my credit card is now zero balance. Regular utility bills are just the bills to look forward and house mortage. Thanks God!
My legs are tired from walking we were there about 4 hours. I am sleepy right now. Hope to take good pictures of the changing leaves.

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