Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Reflections

I went to chruch to attend the first mass at 7:45 am. Thanks God though I slept very late last night I was still able to make it to the first mass. It was nice to be at the Lord's house today. Fr. Paul, a Filipino priest officiated the mass. The Gospel for today is from Mattew 22:1-14, Jesus comparing to the kingdom of God to wedding feast for a son of king. In the gospel as group of people were invited to attend the wedding feast (God's kingdom) but they ignored the invitation; others gave light to it, one went to his farm and other did his own business. The king decided to send his servants and invite as many as they could. The gospel tells us today that many are called but a few are chosen. God called his people to be a part of his kingdom but only a few are chosen to be him.
After the mass I get to chit chat with Fr. Paul for a short while and he introduced Sr. Cristela to me. Sr. Cristela a Filipino nun from Cotabato, Mindanao and doing her charity work here in Canada at the Holy Rosary Parish. She just came over five months ago. It was nice to meet her and we talk also for a bit, especially that we can converse in the same dialect.
I will try the first mass every Sunday. It feels good to be there early and nothing to worry about for the day.

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