Saturday, April 26, 2008

Isn't She Adorable?

Isn't she adorable? Her name is Keishi. She is the daughter of my nephew and my grand daughter, omg this shows I'm not getting any younger. She was going 2 years old when I first met her in May 2007. When i saw her at the airport when they pick me up i can really picture my nephew in her. I told my sister she is the female version of her dad. She was very quiet and observant and was looking confused when she saw me, probably for she doesn't know me. I was happy to see her, she is an angel. That was her reaction at the airport shown on the picture on the left with my cousins.

While we were at home she started to show her abilities. She can dance to "Wowowee's Adododo, Adahdah" she is really cute. In the picture that is her "Korean" smile. I remember she always ask for "nanah" for her it means food. She drinks a lot of milk too. Everybody loves her so much especially that she is the only baby in the family. She has grown a lot already, the last time i talk with her on phone, omg, she sounded like an adult. I was really laughing talking to her.

I miss you baby Keishi. Be a good girl always. Hope to see you again.

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