Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Trip to Canada

Come June 17, 2008 both my Lany and Grace with their family will be coming over to my place for a visit. I am looking forward to see them and the kids. It will take them about 15 hours to get here for they live down south in the US. It will be over a year since the last time I saw them, that was when we all went home to the Philippines last year.
I'm sure we will have fun together, my hubby is already thinking of bringing them to the Canada's Wonderland, Niagara Falls, Morning Star Mill. Lany is excited to see the Niagara Falls. Grace has been here already 2 years ago for a visit. She and Raffy had so much fun that they even extended their stay. We took them to the Niagara Falls, had dinner at the Niagara Casino. They made a perfect timing of their visit for they were able to see the Festival of Lights.
It would be nice if all of us live closer to each other then we can easily spend the afternoon in the backyard having some barbecue :).
To my sisters see you soon!

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