Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stomach Flu

This morning I had some chocolate milk with bread for brunch before going to work. While I was ready to leave the house to go to work today suddenly I had some stomach pains. I put some Buckley’s on my stomach to relieve the pain but it did not help. I felt like I wanted to throw up, quickly I ran to the wash room, I tried to control it but I couldn't help it. I did throw up the chocolate milk and I can smell the acid in it. I took some antacid to help relieve the acid. I thought I would be OK to go to work so I head out the door when I had this terrible stomach cramps and I did throw up again. I just went back inside the house and decided to stay for the day at home and get some rest. I phoned work to advise them I am not able to come to work. Sad to say I won’t be paid for the day but my health is more important.

Todd already left for work I phoned him and told him that I won’t be able to make it to work today. I called my sissy and said to take some rest and drink hot water with sugar. I will try to avoid eating oily food for the day and have some easy to digest. I felt a little better now but my stomach still feels weird.

I suspect it was the chocolate milk I wasn’t able to tolerate the lactose. Hope this will be gone by tomorrow for I need to get back to work.


Lisa said...

Hi Haydee!

Thanks for your message and for praying for my sister Violy. She need prayers right now. She will have her surgery at 7:00 AM Friday there and that's 6:00 PM tonight here in the US. Pray that the result of the biopsy is benign and not malignant. I tahnk God for friends like you.

I hope your stomach is okay now. I added your blog in my blog htp:// Thanks for adding me here.

In Christ,

Normz said...

hi hyde! I'm a sweet friend of mabelle sabi kasi niya add kita kasi mag bestfriend din kayo, hope you add me too take care and happy weekend..

Hyde said...

hi normz, thanks for adding me to your site. yeah magkaibigan kami ni mabelle we were classmates in college. i already added you to my site. where are you in canada? take care and have a nice day.