Monday, April 28, 2008

Freezing Monday on a Spring Season

Spring season has long begun it started on the 21st of March. I am glad for spring has arrived after so many months of winter season. Last week our weather was gorgeous, sunny with a high of 23 degrees Celsius and it wasn’t cold neither warm. Todd and I even went for a motorcycle ride to enjoy the warm weather. Last weekend I have decided to pack all my winter clothes and replaced my closet with my spring and summer clothes thinking the weather will stay the same.

This morning when I woke up it was raining and freezing cold on a spring season. Glad that I work afternoon shift with weather like this I still have the time to sleep in. I didn’t feel like going to work especially on a Monday, I tend to have this Monday sickness especially with the weather being cold. I have no choice but to be there at work for especially they called me to come in early to do some overtime. When I was getting ready for work I had to dig my long sleeves and my winter dress coat to keep warm.

On my way out to the parking lot after work my car had some frost on the windshield.

Weather is very hard to predict only God knows. I am still thankful winter is over; the coldness right now is bearable.

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