Sunday, March 2, 2008

Misty and Joel

In January I wrote a blog about my adorable dogs, here they are:

This is Joel, my overweight Chihuahua. He is 8 but will be turning 9 this coming July 14. He is strict as my sister would say. He is likes to cuddle with you a lot. Joel is the dog of my mother in law since she passed away we took take care of him. Joel's breed comes from Mexico reason why he loves the sun. Now that the weather has been getting warmer, every time he goes outside it would take him so long to go back inside the house, have to yell on him. Joel loves to eat bacon stripes, he doesn't like hard food. In spite of his stubbornness he is still a good dog and we love him.

This is Misty, very emotional, lovable and a cutie American Cockier Spaniel. Misty is 8 years old, she just had her birthday last April 9. She always stay beside me and doesn't go to bed without me. Before she used to slept with but not anymore due to some allergies. Misty is pretty smart as if she knows her feeding time, she won't stop begging until you gave her food. She is not fussy when it comes to food.

Every time I get ready for work both of them is always following me its like they feel lonely to be left alone in the house too. Thanks to Sue, our neighbor who gives their dinner while we are both at work during the week.

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