Monday, April 28, 2008

As We Say Goodbye to our 25 Ft Fifth Wheel Trailer

Three years ago we bought a 25 ft fifth wheel trailer for us to use when we go camping on summer time and to go on trips. Though the trailer is 20 years old model but nothing is wrong with it. It has a new fridge and new hot water tank and the interior is clean. We are so lucky when we bought it for it was well taken care by the previous owners. Since we have it we might have used it probably less than ten times.

Our first trip with the trailer we went up north in Madoc, 4 hours drive from our house. We stayed there for couple of days the trailer made our stay very comfortable and enjoyable. Its like a little house as well everything is there.

The last time we used was on July 2007, we had a week off from work we went to Four Mile Creek with our two doggies. The fifth wheel made our stay very comfortable all through the week. It was easy and safe to leave the dogs inside every time we go to town to buy something.

We bought the unit thinking we can tow it to Tennessee or to South Carolina every time we visit my sisters. We wanted to try to use it for our trips but the truck we got has a small engine that it might take us forever to get to our destination. Just lately, with the price of gas going up so high that with a truck towing a fifth wheel it would cost us a fortune, we have decided to scale back. Scaling back for the future for as projected gas will go up to $1.40 a liter on the summer. The truck and fifth wheel have been listed on paper for sale.

Last weekend we had to empty our stuff from the trailer, sad to say the buyer wanted the trailer to be delivered on 1st of May. Todd and I are still having the second thoughts of either keeping or selling it for nothing is wrong with the unit but, we have to take precautions before the price of gas gets to the roof. If that time comes then we will be stuck with it.

I hope we made the right decision. We can still go on camping using inexpensive gadgets but with less comfort than what we have. Once the trailer will be gone all is left for us are memories that we can reminisce.

To the new owner happy camping!

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