Friday, August 8, 2008

Immature Mind

I was not happy at work yesterday. I had a client whose mind is very immature can't even understand when you advised him that his payment is returned. He keeps on telling my that it is still under investigation from his bank. OMG, when it is very clear on our system that the payment was returned due to insufficient funds and he is trying to tell me that I don't understand what he was saying to me. It ended he requested for a supervisor to speak with, I didnt' hesitate and got my supervisor for him. It ended that the explanation of my supervisor was exactly the same of what I advised him. This guy needs to grow up inorder for him to understand his finances. I was just laughing at the back of my mind.
I think it just not my day yesterday for another immature minded co-worker of mine wanted me to move out of my desk when infact there are alot of desk available. She just pisses my off maybe she thinks that I won't strike her back. In the first place I arrived earlier then her, so I went to my supervisor and told her about the situation. Her attention was being called and told that she doesn't have the right to let a move out only a manager can. I respect her for she is older than me but she won't get that respect anymore. We are working in the same place she needs to grow up and act professionaly.

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