Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Blues

My Sunday was spent wisely. I did a lot of work today around the house. My body is just tired and exhausted right now. I had to iron the clothes for I have not done it in two weeks, everything piled up. Glad that I finished it in an hour. Todd went to work today for overtime. After doing all my household chores I went for a nap to energize myself.

I had to prepare dinner for my stomach is already demanding for food and for Todd to have something to eat after work. I made bam-i for tonight and lechon kawali. Todd stopped by at the pet store to get some food for Joel. My bam-i was very delicious and the lechon kawali too. Todd had some bam-i for he doesn't eat pork with fat which is the best for me. I know its not good for the health but I don't eat them everyday once in a while.

Tomorrow it will be Monday again and time to go back to work. It would be nice if we all have the money to spend without going to work, just my one of my wish. Hope it will be OK at work tomorrow, no irate customers to work on.

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