Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Death A New Journey to Life Everlasting

Death is inevitable we can never really tell as to when it will knock in our door. When someone dies the pain is unbearable; it can take time to heal the wounds. At this moment I am enduring the pain in my heart. My Mama has been battling for her kidney failure for three years and she is always a fighter. A lot of times during her dialysis treatments that she will collapsed and thought that she won't be able to make it. She always rally around but on August 26 at 2:15 am (Philippine time) she wasn't able to make it, up to the she was still a fighter she died for 8 mins in the ICU but doctors were able to revive her and she just gave up in the end. Though she was already unconscious I was able to say my last goodbye to my Mama, they said hearing is the last one to go. I didn't hear any reply from her only the noise of the ventilator. It is very hard to be far away from home in times like this. If I can just fly and be there in seconds I would. I was crying since yesterday and my eyes are already dry but the pain is still there. I lost both of them now, Papa five years ago.

I know Mama was in a lot of pain before and now she is happy together with our Creator. My last words to her was I love you Ma and you will be together with Papa now tell him I missed him a lot and i told her to continue guiding us. I gonna miss everything in her, those memories are left to be cherished. She is now starting her journey to life everlasting with our Creator. Ma, when it will be my time meet me with your loving hug. I will see you when my time comes.

Please help me pray for the repose of her soul. May she rest in peace.

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