Friday, August 22, 2008

Chikahan w/ Sissy

I just talked to my sister today from South Carolina. She said she was able to talk to my sister from back home about my mama dear. It is almost three years that our mama is into dialysis for both of her kidneys are no longer working. I understand that it is too much pain for her to undergo the treatment twice per week and aside from that she has other complications too. Three of us here are helping to finance her medical expenses; we have been trying our very best to give what we can. I know that is also hard at times financially for we have bills to pay also. Mama illness is incurable it is just a cycle of procedures and lifetime maintenance for her to survive. No matter how many thousands of dollars we sent still it is not enough it is easily drained. My other sister is the one taking care of her right now, we understand it is hard for her also to do it by herself. I know we take care of the financial side but she take care of her, budgets the money we sent to her every month. It is also hard for her to do it especially if the finances is not enough. Figure of amount we have spent is already unmeasurable but there is nothing we can do she is our Mama. We will keep on trying to do our best to extend her life. At this moment she just have her blood transfusion again for her blood is very low that there is not enough blood to be filtered for dialysis. She can no longer walk due to celliulitis her feet are all swollen, she is getting fragile and sickly. She has all the complications now from high blood pressure, heart problems, cholesterol but she still have a very strong fighting spirit to survive. It has been draining us financial but like I said we trying our very best to keep her going. She is the only one left for us, Papa already passed away 5 years ago. Hope everything goes well for her. I miss you Ma, hope to see you again.

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