Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Charity

We got up early today to help JP do the carpet cleaning of our late Aunt Charlene's house. Todd and I left the house at 9 in the morning bringing our gadgets to shampoo Aunt Charlene carpets. Jp brought his industrial machine to shampoo carpets and other cleaning stuff. Her house is beautiful with an open concept and those high ceilings with rot irons for the stairs and big pillars on the living room. When she got really old and senile the house has never been cleaned probably in about 4 years. Before she house was spotless when she can still do the job.

Jp and Sharon started to shampoo the two bedrooms upstairs, it takes a lot of work you have to remove all the furnitures. Todd and I helped in moving the bedroom furnitures. While they were cleaning the bedrooms, Todd and I started to vacuum the dining area and hallway of the living room. It came out pretty clean and smells really fresh. After Jp was done with the bedrooms I have to go up and vacuum the hallway where the bedrooms for him to do the shampooing. It took awhile to clean the steps too. Last thing we have to clean was the living room it was big with lots of antique furnitures and marble table top; they were heavy to moved.

We thought we will be out of there by noon but it ended the job was done at 4:30 in the afternoon. That was our Saturday mission glad that it was accomplished. I was starving for I didn't have breakfast and lunch just had bottle of water. We planned to go out for a motorcycle ride at noon thinking we will be done by noon :(. I am so tired right now feels that my body is whipped. Todd still wanted to go for a motorcycle ride. I don't feel like going. I need to energized myself first. I might go for a nap.

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