Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Business or Merchant Cash Advance

Do you own a business? Do you want to problems with your daily cash flow? Are you thinking of getting a merchant cash advance? Visit www.onlinecheck.com they offer business or merchant cash advance for your business. It is very easy to avail NO hassle of checking your credit whether you qualify for the loan or not. You get approved in 24 hours, no closing cost, no points, and no application fees. Aside from that it doesn’t show as a debt on your credit report. Merchants cash advance convert credit card receivables into capital. It can be established if you sells an agreed upon percentage of future visa or master card merchant account receivables in order to gain needed capital. It will definitely help your business to roll especially if your establishment accepts credit card payments, for merchant cash advance will give you the money and they will take a little out of each of their following credit card transaction for the next several months till it is paid up.
It is very convenient to avail NO hassle at all funds can be release with 72 hours. It is really helpful to businesses that can’t get a traditional loan for no credit check is needed. Aside from that when you apply online it is secured nothing to worry of identity theft.

The merchant cash advance is very easy to understand it is repaid automatically by deducting a daily percentage of your future credit card sales. I will show you an example on how merchant cash advance worked: If you process in a day for a total of $500.00 in Visa/Master Card / American Express transactions on Monday, they will deduct 15% from the total amount of Monday’s sales. The net proceeds of $425 will be deposited to your business checking account by Wednesday; giving you more money to add to your capital. A monthly statement is also provided showing the remaining balance left to repay your advance. Businesses out there that need additional capital try and visit www.onlinecheck.com.

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