Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Small Pet World

My workmate Vanna and I always talk each other about our American Cocker Spaniel dogs. She have a 9 year old male doggy. She said the other day after work she had to run after to her dog because it brush off when she open their main door. She said her doggy did that so many times that at one point he was really lost. Good thing that he has a tag on with their phone # and her neighbor on the other block brought her dog back. As I told her that my doggy is very behave she doesn't take off at all even if the front door is open. She laughed when I told her that Todd groomed Misty it wasn't done right. My poor doggy looks like a butchered dog. As Todd would say she is like a dog from the street.
I ask her how old was her dog and where did she get it from. When she said that her doggy is 9 years old and was born on April 9, 2000. I told her that my doggy is also 9 years old and was born also on April 9, 2000. I begun to wonder if our dogs are siblings. When she said they got it from Dunville there I confirmed that they are really siblings for we got Misty from Dunville too. It was really a small world for our doggies. I want to see a picture for her dog and she wants to see a picture of Misty too.
I love my doggies they are our companion at home and are very loyal buddies. Misty and Joel has been great dogs. They always stay behind us and wait as to when I have to go to bed.

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