Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. My greetings is very late for I was gone for the holidays. We spent Christmas in Tennessee with my sister's family. It was a long drive for us good enough we didn't hit any snow storm on our way there. We arrived at two o'clock in the morning of December 25th had to dropped by to her place twice but there were already asleep. We didn't bother to knock on her door just check in at Quality Suites, which cost us a lot of money just for the night. We had to pay $25.00 for each pet. It was a lesson learned travelling with your pets can be costly better to bring your own unit like a trailer that you can stay.
We did have fun spending time with my sister's family and her kids. We went on shopping and buying gifts for the kids (video games that they wanted). We didn't spend so much especially that my husband is laid off from his work. Hope it won't be too long for that. We basically went there on a cheap budget what is most important that we were able to have a get together with my sisters and with their kids as well. All of us were happy to find out that my sister is pregnant with her third baby. It was not planned at all but there is nothing you can but just to accept it. Being pregnant is the most wonderful gift and a blessing that you can have. There is such a 6 years gap from her second child, hope it will be a girl this time. She has 2 boys now. She will give birth just in time for Mama's 1st death anniversary. Our dearly beloved Mama left us but we are happy to welcome my sister's baby a new addition to our family.
We also went to see some winter attractions at the Ice Musuem in Nashville, TN. An ice sculptor of the Grinch I just admire the artist that makes the sculpture. It is very pretty. It was also nice to get away from the cold weather. We were just wearing t-shirts out in the sun but for my sister it was already cold for them. The day before we leave they took us to the Memphis Zoo to see the festival of lights. My nephew wanted to see the bats and other animals but it was close better go there during the day. I did see a raindeer that was my first time. That night was a bit cold but we took some pictures with the lights.
We were thinking of extending our stay at my sister's house for another day but we don't want to hit any snow storm on our way back. On our way home about 2 hours from home when we hit the snow storm out in Erie, PA. We made it safe to home about 4 hours.
Hope you had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. I just wish it will be a fruitful year for 2009 for all of us. Hoping we will be able to get out of this economic crisis we are facing right now.

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