Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Morning Everyone

I was up very late last night till 2:30 early morning. I was chatting with my officemates back home. We were discussing about how tough the times now especially the economy. I also told them that it is not just in the Philippines but it is all over the world. Everybody is feeling the crunch even at where I work. We were informed yesterday that for any salary increases for the year 2009 will be freeze. We thought we will loss our job already. We just said that is not that bad at least we are still working and overtime is still available. One of my friend I was talking to really understood what is life abroad for she was just here 5 months ago. She even said that she told her family and friends that earning dollars is not easy for you have to spend in dollars too. I told her you just need to be very hardworking to survive if you live here. You can't depend on anybody but to yourself for survival.
Today is Friday hope my day at work goes fast. Have a nice day.

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