Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cold Saturday

It is the weekend once again. Time flies so fast we are now almost in the middle of January. My week has been very busy at work. In fact they have been asking us to do overtime work on the weekend but I didn't commit to come to work. It is nice to have a day off after working for straight 5 days in a row. Glad to have my day off from work even though they were asking us to do some overtime hours. I will just try to come early next week on my regular work shift. Todd and I just went to the Niagara Square today just to wander around the mall. It was pretty quite not busy at all. I think that is always the trend after the holidays people minimize their shopping spree for this month will be the time to pay back the expense they had for the holidays. We were looking for the pet store that we used to go just to look around for puppies for sale but they went under 2 years ago. Since it was closer to lunch we bought food at their foodcourt and off we headed to go to Homer's Meats. We usually buy at meat the butcher shop all is fresh and a lot cheaper from the grocery store. In there I can also buy some pork with fat in it once in awhile it is good to have them.
It has been gloomy today ang very cold we were at -5 celcius this morning and it snowed till tonight. It will still be a long way to go before winter will be done. We still have 2 more months of this cold atmosphere.
Have a nice weekend to all my blogging friends.

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