Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time Flies

The week have gone so fast in just a wink of an eye it was already Friday. It has been a month yesterday that my Mama have died and have left us her children. I am moving on with her lost. I am just glad our parents left us that we are already old enough to look for ourselves. I would be hard if they left us while we were still young. I still have sleepless nights and cry over her lost. I missed her voice, her laughter over the phone, and especially her cooking. I have been dreaming of her that she came back to life but it was just a dream. I could have turned back the time I wish I could have spend time on her last moments alive. I think my coming over to Canada has reasons to for her own good also. I wouldn't have been able to help in all her medical expenses I didn't left. We would still be able to survive with my income in the Phils but it will be very hard to tackle all her medical bills. Having a dialysis in the Philippines would cost you a fortune. Mama was with it for almost 3 years but no matter what were the expenses as long as it has extended and made her life comfortable. I know at the very end on the last four days she was alive as what would my sister would say it was a painful battle for her. Mama was a very religious person her faith has kept her strong. I know that right now she is happy together with my Papa in the safe hands of our forgiving God.
We love you both Ma and Pa; and will be forever thankful for making us what we are now. Both of you will always be in our hearts everywhere we go into this world.
Hope to see you soon as you meet us in heaven when our time comes to return back to our Creator.

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