Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cruising w/ Delilah @ 96.1

Last night while driving on my way home after work I'd love to listen to 96.1 were the DJ is Delilah. Listening to her voice makes me feel better after a hard day at work. Her voice is very soothing and it can help me unwind. It gives me a break from listening to all the political problems in the world.
One of her callers last night had a very sad story of her child. She has been married for eight years and never had a child so they decided to go on with fertility test. Luckily she got pregrant but sad to say on her 36 weeks she gave birth but the baby died upon birth. She doesn't know what was the cause; I feel sad listening to her story. I find it very unfair on her part not even able to hold her baby on her arms. She was crying on the phone while she shares her story. I admire her courage and her trust in the Lord. She said the child is not meant for them though it hurts her. She now has an angel watching over her and her family. I just forgot the title of the song that Delilah played for her and her baby Georgia.
I hope she will find happiness and contentment with her life right now. May she be blessed with another child from God soon.

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