Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Busyness

I always drag myself to go to work on a Monday. I don't know why maybe it is the first day at work. It nice to stay home for the weekend but I need to work too. I went to work today earlier than my scheduled shift about half hour early. My goal was to go there like to 2 hrs before my shift to do some over time but it didn't happen. I need to work more hours especially it is almost Christmas and with the economic situation right now. I need to save for the coming rainy days.
It was very busy at work today. It was from call after call people are calling in to make their loan payments over the phone. My throat hurts and I was trying to catch my breath. Some customers are nice some are upset about no receiving their statements. What can I do statements are sent out every month; I can't control the mail or I can't control it also if the statements were mistaken as junk mail. To satisfy them all I can do is negotiate to waive their past due fees and to make payment.
I went online to grab some Opps at 3P's tonight but I didn't have the luck it just turned out gray :(. It has been so hard to grab those opportunities now and especially google just dump my pr from 3 to 0. I hope I can get it back but I don't know when and how. Well, I think I'll just have to keep my eyes open and wait for other opportunities to come.
I hope I can be there for work early tomorrow too.

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