Saturday, September 20, 2008

Physical and Emotional Pain

After Mama's funeral I had a few days before my flight back to Canada. I spent my remaining days bonding with my sisters; my other two sisters already went home on the 7th of Sept. The day before my flight back my sister brought lechon (roasted pig) from CNT (one of the good lechon makers in Cebu). The lechon was no longer hot when my sister got home. I voluntered to re heat it in the oven. The oven has not been used for a long time; since I left Cebu. I wanted to try it if it will still work. I didn't use my common sense when I lighted the oven; I could have rolled a piece of paper and use it to light the oven instead of just using the matchstick. I turned the oven switch too much that a lot of gas kick in when i lighted it. It caught fire on my right hand. When you get burn you don't feel the pain right away, I was very calm telling my sister that I got burned not feeling the pain right away. After a few seconds I started to feel the pain and soreness on my fingers, I felt like they were all chopped. I let water run to my fingers and put ice on it. I can tolerate pain but with the burns I got it was very painful. When my sister saw it she said I had 2nd degree burns, it formed blisters right away. Immediately, she told my other sister to go the drugstore and buy some cream for burns. I took pain reliever and it didn't take effect right away. I was in doubt whether to go to the hospital waiting for the pain reliever to kick in but it took so long that I decided to go the hospital. I was also worried I might not be allowed to board the plane seeing my fingers with open wound.
We decided to go the hospital just to get the certificate and the doctor gave me some antibiotics as well for faster healing and for the infection. I am glad they didn't give me any hassle boarding probably they didn't notice it also.
It took awhile to heal. Yesterday the burned skin starts to peel off and leaving fresh scars on it. Aloe vera is a great help too it cools it down. I didn't even have the chance to eat the lechon.
It wasn't a good time to be back home; it seems like I was doubly hurt both physically and emotionally. With Mom's passing I am still on the denial stage right now and hoping the wounds in my heart will heal in time and be able to accept the reality that she is now gone.


lotis said...

hello sis,
I feel for you. That is indeed a very tough time, emotionally and physically. Much more painful because you were traveling.. I just hope you will find comfort there, and get well. Godbless.

Hyde said...

hi sis,

thanks for your sympathy. i am here hanging on and getting comfort from my family and friends. God bless.