Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Trip To South Carolina

Every year Todd and I goes for a vacation. It is our way of treating ourselves for working hard through the year. We take our dogs with us so it is always a land trip for they can't be on the plane. Last year we went to Tennessee to spend Christmas with my sister’s family. We were just using the map we got from travel insurance company.

This coming April 9-15 we are going to South Carolina to visit my other sister and spend Easter with them. It would be very nice to have a Garmin NUVI 260 Portable GPS that will make our travel hassle free. I am glad I found cheap deals at for the GPS we have been eyeing to buy for future trips. This is a perfect gift for Todd on his birthday before we go away.

Since it will be a very long trip I need to entertain myself while traveling. I need a Portable DVD Player so that I can watch movies on the road. I would also need a new Luggage Set that is light weight and spacious for our clothes and other travel needs.

Hope we will enjoy our coming trip to South Carolina where the weather is warm.

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