Monday, March 2, 2009

Philippine Goods

Last Saturday Todd took me to Yuan Ming Supermarket in Missaguaga about an hour drive from home. I heard it from my friend that the Asian store is huge and their prices are cheap. It was my first time to be there and oh boy I was really surprise and happy to be there. I shopped alot of goods from back home. I had fresh fish, shrimps w/ head, fresh squid and a milkfish. I also bought some squid rings for calamare. There were lots of goodies from home from chippy, cheese curls, oishi, nagaraya, boy bowang, mix nuts and so much more. I bought a lot of junk foods. I had some frozen "bulinao" small fish. I had ampalaya which I cook it last Sunday with bag-ong (sauted shrimp) and fried fish. It was a very yummy dinner.

Todd likes siopao so we bought some too. They have a restaurant also with Chinese and Filipino cuisine. You can also buy lechon by pounds. They have a bakery section also I just love their raisin and coconut bread taste like the bread at home.

It will still be awhile before we can go back there. Todd told me to buy a lot like a month supply. I told my friend that I went there and told her that I did enjoy my shopping wish I could buy them all, lol.

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