Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend House Cleaning

Last weekend I was busy cleaning the house. It has been a while I haven't done general cleaning. I vaccum the carpets almost every week but lately have not made my dusting of the walls and the furnitures. It took most of my day last Saturday. It was a through general cleaning from the living room to the kitchen and all the bathrooms.

I re-decorated the house too. My late mother-in-law had lots of collections of teddy bears which were just placed in basement. I brought them in the living room just for a change of scene in the house. Since I came here the kitchen has never been change it still has motif of teddy bears. I know it doesn't sound right but I kept it same as it is for her memory.

I had to spray the floor to keep it shinny. It is just very nice to stay in a clean and clutter free house.

I can't wait for Spring to come so that I can clean rake my garden. It is still too cold to do some work outside.

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