Monday, February 2, 2009

System Error

When I arrived to work today I was surprise most of the representatives were just outside of the production floor. It was because we had some issues with our systems. Some were able to take calls and continue with the work and others were not. When I log in to my computer there I find out that my system was also down. I was just waiting for it to come back on. After 3 hours it did come back but not for everybody and I was one of them. I don't know what was the error. I felt so bored waiting and waiting for it to came back so that I can work. Around ten to six I ask my supervisor what will I do, they just said to wait. I feel bad for most of them were already busy taking calls and there I am just sitting pretty doing nothing. I approached her again around seven o'clock and she told me that I can either stay or go home it won't go against my attendance. I just decided to go home and enjoy my evening. It would have been nice to stay and get paid without doing anything but I am also bothered by my conscience. Anyway, the rest of us that the system didn't work were also sent home.I got home early tonight, I will just make up my hours tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be back to business.

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