Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Little Joel

My little Joel, my chihuahua is sick. Last night after coming home from work he was walking and acting weird. It seems like his left leg is sprained for when he walks he drags his left leg to the side. Todd and I is worried of his condition. My brother in law said he might have a stroke. He must be in pain for he didn't even eat his favorite treat the bacon stripes.

This morning it was getting worst he can hardly walk and when he stands his back will just fall. Todd gave him pain reliever see if it will work if not we have to bring him to his vet. Today after work when I open the door I didn't hear him barking, it's only misty's voice. Usually he gets so excited everytime I come home, he was at door wagging his tail but didn't hear his voice.

I check If he eats his dinner but his food was in the fridge untouch. I tried to feed him by my hand tonight, but he only ate very little. It is so sad to see him not feeling well. He feels so uncomfortable everytime he will try to sit on his butt.

Right now he is beside me trying to take a nap. I hope he will feel better soon. We will bring him to his vet tomorrow. Hope nothing is serious with him. Hope it is not a hip injury. Our dogs has been a good and loyal company to us.

I can feel that he is hurt for he used to be a jolly and playful doggy.

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