Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Friend Waiting

My friend Lynn has be waiting for such a long time for us to talk each other over the phone. Every time I tried to call her she is at work our schedule doesn't coincide at all. She tried to call me as well but I was not home. She is now base in the United States working as a nurse. Yesterday, I got an email from her and was glad to hear from her again.
We are arrange a date again to talk each other on the phone. She said she will be off this coming Sunday but its too bad i won't be home by then. Todd and I will be off for camping to Alegany Park leaving on Saturday. I told her if it is ok to call her on Friday but she said Thursday its ok even if how late it is at night. I told her I will call her by Friday at 10:30 pm after I am done working.
Hope we can talk each other on the phone. It has been such a long time I have not talk to her though we exchange emails once in awhile.
Back in highschool she calls me "lat-lat" for Lotlot de Leon for she use to be my idol, hay naku, highschool life. I call her "lat-lat" as well.
I am glad to receive an email from highschool buddy. I have tried to phone her many times but its just our schedule doesn't coincide. Every time I call her she is working.

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