Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Two Adorable Pets

Misty and Joel are our adorable dogs. Misty is a 7 years old now she is a very emotional doggy and loves to eat all the time. She can be very sweet on you. She knows how to wink, play her ball and shake a paw. She is house trained too. She loves to roll her body on the snow.

Joel is 8 years old he likes to sleep a lot and he wants to cuddle with you all the time. He wants to sleep close to you. Joel can play his ball too. The used to sleep with us on the bed but since i got a bad allergy so we decided not to put them on the bed. He is so picky when it comes to food the opposite of Misty.

They are a good company. Every time i leave for work you can see sad face in them. They bow their heads down as I open the door to leave. They are just like kids. Every time we go on camping they love to go for a walk also in the park. Every time we go on trips to the States they are always with us.

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